Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super," "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!," produced some of the most epic moments of the anime. From fighters testing their limits to Gods of Destruction and Angels cheering for their warriors, "Dragon Ball Super" is getting more intense with each new episode, unfortunately, the Survival arc is slowly approaching its end. Although there are only two episodes left in the series, tons of questions still remain unanswered and, after the latest episode, fans are left with still more.

1. Where is Frieza?

Fans are eagerly waiting to hear that "Ohohohohoh" from Frieza but he's nowhere to be found. After Frieza interrupts the fight between Toppo and Android Seventeen with his Death Beam, Toppo knocks him out and after Seventeen's death, Frieza never appeared in any of the new episodes. So where exactly is he?

One thing is for sure, and it is that he isn't knocked out of the arena yet. Assuming that he is lying or hiding somewhere on the stage, he needs to get up quickly, because the fight between Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren is making the whole stage crumble to bits.

2. Was Goku achieving Ultra Instinct Omen because of other warriors?

One of the most convincing theories about this was posted by Omni_Guru on r/dbz. Goku was able to break his limits three times in the whole 48 minutes of Tournament of Power.

The first time when he reached Ultra Instinct form, he absorbed his Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) that Jiren threw back towards him.

The second time, just before clashing with Kefla, Frieza gave him some of his power so that he can recover.

The third time it was Vegeta that gave him all of his remaining energy.

So, maybe Goku reached Ultra Instinct with the help of power from other fighters, although, some people say that Goku breaks his power limit when he is confronted by a power that he cannot defeat or survive and at that moment he lets his instinct control him instead.

3. Is Jiren going 'Hakai' as well?

Well, I'm sure shirtless Jiren was the first thing that caught everyone's eyes in the preview of Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super," but a few fans noticed that when Goku attacks Jiren with a Ki blast, he stops it with a purple energy. Can it be the power of a God of Destruction? Because up till now, Jiren has been radiating and attacking with a red aura.

4. Ultra Instinct Goku has an uncanny resemblance to an unofficial Dragon Ball character

After watching Goku master his Ultra Instinct form, some fans would've wondered where they have seen a similar character. Well, there have been tons of unofficial characters with white hairs like Ultra Instinct Goku, but one of the most popular characters (meme) with white hairs is Gohan Blanco.

Gohan Blanco originated after Episode 88 of "Dragon Ball Super" when Gohan trains with Piccolo for the Tournament of Power and is spreading on the internet as the most powerful character of "Dragon Ball Super" with power level infinity plus one.

Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on March 18 due to Nagoya Women's Marathon on March 11.