He’s been in over 80 movies, but Stanley Tucci hasn’t let his fame take away from family time. It’s been a busy year for the actor already, what with working on "Nomis," "Show Dogs," and "Patient Zero." And did you catch Stanley in "Transformers: The Last Knight" last summer?

But as the actor and his wife Felicity Blunt walked the red carpet at the Guggenheim for the screening of "Final Portrait," her baby bump was plainly visible. The couple hadn’t publicly announced that they were expecting, but it was hard to hide the pregnancy as Felicity’s sister, actress Emily Blunt, rubbed her belly at the event.

Baby number 2 for Stanley Tucci and wife

Stanley and Felicity are already parents to three-year-old Matteo, plus Tucci's three older kids from his marriage to his late wife, Kathryn, making this Stanley’s fifth child. The baby joins big brother Matteo plus teen siblings Camilla, Nicolo, and Isabel. Tucci also helped raise Kathryn’s two older children from a previous marriage.

Stanley and Felicity first met in 2010, at her sister Emily Blunt’s wedding, and they were married in 2012 in London. While his wife was pregnant with their first child, Stanley told the media that he was just happy to be having a baby with Felicity and that he hoped for a healthy child.

Stanley Tucci: a tragic past

At the same time, growing his family with Felicity is hard on the actor.

He has previously admitted that he feels guilt over “starting over” with Felicity, given his first wife Kathryn’s tragic death following her battle with breast cancer.

The pair were married for 14 years, and Kathryn passed away in 2009. Stanley met his now-wife, who is 20 years younger than he, a year later. He told the media that when he and Felicity began dating, he still had photos of his late wife up everywhere.

However, relocating to London with his new love helped ease the sadness of living in Kathryn’s shadow.

Despite the age gap, Stanley explained that he and Felicity had a lot in common when they met- a love of food, in particular. He also liked her English charm, which he joked includes more swearing and drinking than he has experienced with American women.

However, it's clear that Felicity, a literary agent, can hold her own.

While the arrival of his fifth child might force Stanley to take a break from his packed schedule, he probably won’t mind. He keeps a good sense of humor about parenting, quipping after the birth of his son Matteo that he and Felicity were “thrilled to welcome him to this cold, cruel world.”