American Idol” 2018 started right out of the chute on its March 18 third night of auditions with judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan already singing. Richie’s “Easy” seemed like the perfect song to modify for their stay in Savannah, but it was hardly easy-going for the contestants spread across the country in auditions.

Call it three times a charm or desperate and divine inspiration, many of the talents trying their best for the panel of judges had something extremely unique, in voice and in life vocation. Some of the hopefuls came by secret Greyhound bus trips, while others traveled all the way from Guyana before making their way to the “American Idol” oval.

Life began anew for most contestants in this third run of auditions, and many of their lives offstage are worth remembering.

Here are five of the talents that no heart will soon forget.

Crystal Alicea’s transformational testament

In the famous “American Idol” tradition, the opening night audition of the night is always one to grab viewers by the heartstrings. The fact that Crystal Alicea could barely find words to articulate her journey to Savannah without bursting into tears spoke volumes about how music and her very supportive boyfriend have taught her about self-esteem and trying new things. Unlike so many of the contestants for the night, Crystal Alicea was not a working musician. She had only sung for “maybe 20 people” in her life, doing karaoke.

The honesty in her voice that pulsated with every note of Sam Smith's “Lay Me Down” was pure and rare, and appreciated by the panel. Her song couldn't help but make anyone hearing it feel full of hope. Katy Perry called Crystal “a little star,” and the panel told the singer and her loving soulmate that they would have to adjust to a long-distance relationship for a while.

The singer has changed a lot in her life at 20, and the possibilities are wide open now. Luke Bryan has already dubbed her a “warrior” in the competition.

Effie Passero came prepared

Jonny Brenns took a secret trip by Greyhound to come to his audition, not holding out that much hope and telling everyone he was in Boston. He grabbed his golden ticket and still has some explaining to do to his mom.

Effie Passero talked with Ryan Seacrest about how daring it is to do an original song, yet how that kind of courage is necessary for a true artist. The property manager at an apartment displayed absolute confidence and courage with her song “Troubled Mind.” She accompanied herself on piano, completely ready to seize her moment. Seize it she did, along with a standing ovation from the full panel. “Why are you a property manager?” Katy questioned, insisting that she should be singing everywhere. Luke Bryan called her “a Patriot missile” of music. All of her life experience can be laid out in notes from the stage from now on, and she has quite a story to tell.

Johnny White knows the power of music

This young man from Hickory, North Carolina knows about the trials and hurts of life. He was put into foster care from a very young age, with a mother on drugs and a father imprisoned. He was adopted at age 7 by “a loving family,” but still struggled to feel he belonged. His teacher, Ms. Finley, bestowed the unconditional kind of belief and support to allow the singer to realize his worthiness in singing and life. Johnny tore into the James Brown classic, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” with all his 18-year-old brute force and heart. Lionel Richie lovingly counseled that the performance was “the whole show in one song.” The veteran star stood behind the teen, pushing with gentle pressure on his shoulders, reminding him to “tone it down” on a second song.

Richie took on playing daddy with the mention of foreplay in making love with a song. Ms. Finley came to the stage to celebrate the golden ticket with her student, and tears of joy came to everyone, including Luke Bryan.

Twin talent in Julian and Milo

“American Idol” has been quite welcoming to sibling talent through its almost two decades, but Julian and Milo Sposato aren’t just brothers—they are identical twins with a double-punch of soulful power. Backed by their “Pops” on guitar, each brother took Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” on his own unique spin. After an opening on horns, Julian sang first before a flawless hand-off to Milo. These two are like seasoned Vegas performing pros already, so much so that Katy Perry called them “Dope.” Lionel Richie loved how the boys will “mess with the equation” of talent already on board.

Luke Bryan just looks forward to fun on the tour bus.

Maddie Zahm’s singing is a gift of the heart

“American Idol” history bodes that the final performance must be a show-stopper. In the case of Maddie Zahm, most of America had already fallen in love with the music teacher for students with special needs by the end of her profile piece. Her heart was already on display in her interaction in class, before revealing her ordeal with ovarian polycystic syndrome and finding a unique friendship with Marcus, who has Down’s Syndrome, and who accepts her as she is. Her passionate rendition of “New Rules” by Dua Lipa was unforgettable, and more unforgettable was her “Firework” duet with Marcus and his deep “booms.” This girl will go far, and her talent and empathy are gifts to the world.