The latest updates and spoilers for "Deadpool 2" reveal the possible identity of the mysterious mutant child that Wade Wilson must protect against the time-traveling mutant soldier, Cable. Screenrant theorized that the Julian Dennison's role could be the film's live-action version of a popular X-Men character named Genesis. Wade Wilson in the sequel will form his own team called X-Force to protect the young mutant from Cable and other parties that are interested in his powers.

There is also a leaked test footage of FX's canceled "Deadpool" Animated Series and it featured the Merc with the Mouth fighting terrorist and a Gorilla wielding Gatling gun.

Genesis teased in the sequel

According to Screenrant, Julian Dennison could be playing the live-action film version of Genesis, the child version of the X-Men's most feared adversary, Apocalypse. In the Marvel comics, Genesis was created by Fantomex after X-Force killed the young mutant during a mission. Fantomex gave him the name Evan Sabahnur, which is a nod to the X-Men villain's real name En Saba Nur.

Unlike the original Apocalypse, Genesis does not have the same destructive ambition as his predecessor and prefers to live a normal life. He is then enrolled in the Xavier School for the Gifted and learns to value human life. However, Evan had a hard time making friends due to his appearance and origin, but he was able to coup up with his true heritage and decides to go on a different path with the help of Fantomex and Deadpool.

The film version could also be the same, but with minor adjustments as Deadpool and his team will be the ones to protect the mutant kid from Cable and other interested parties. Cable traveled to the present day from the future to get rid of the mutant kid in order to prevent a catastrophe that led to his future timeline.

Wade's team will consist of Domino, Bedlam, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

'Deadpool' animated series

Production house Titmouse streamed a test footage trailer of the canceled "Deadpool" animation series. While the original video was already taken down on the internet, comic book fans and netizen were able to record, save, and upload the video to various social media websites and YouTube.

The teaser revealed Wade Wilson ready take on several terrorist troops on a helipad.

The studio used lines from the first live-action movie to act as dialogues as Wade begins to kill them in a gruesome fashion. The latter is then confronted by a gorilla and it chops off his arm. Deadpool was able to defeat it by throwing his sword at its chest with a bomb attached to it.