It almost seems inevitable that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will never recover from the loss of her husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

Since McDreamy's death in season 11 Meredith continuously struggles to find love again. She tells Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) time and time again that she likes the way her life is now, but could all of that be about to change?

It was almost Riggs

Shonda Rhimes left "Grey's Anatomy" fans stunned when Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) and Meredith Grey didn't work out at the beginning of season 14. When Grey finally worked passed the fact that her half-sister Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) wanted to be with Riggs and the fact that she promised Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) that she would take care of Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) a romance worth fighting for sparked between the two surgeons.

The romance seemed like it could be a good thing since they bonded over the fact that they both lost the loves of their lives. But when Meghan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) Owen's long-lost sister and Riggs' long-lost girlfriend reappears after being held captive in a basement in Iraq; Meredith is once again left with her heart broken.

And then there was Nick Mars

Nick Mars (Scott Speedman), a Transplant Surgeon who should have been on medical leave quickly becomes Grey's patient when he passes out in the hallway of the Grey Solan Memorial Hospital. Immediately there is great chemistry between the two surgeons. While Mer is trying to figure out what is going on with Nick's kidney, they engage in deep conversation that leads to Mer talking about her secret dream about living in Sardinina, Italy with her kids and sisters while laying in a hammock all day.

Nick asks if there is room on the hammock for a guy with one debatably working kidney, but Mer doesn't have the chance to answer. Nick is whisked off to surgery when she finds a renal clot. After surgery Nick asks her one more time if there will be room for a guy with one debatably working kidney on the hammock.

Meredith answers by saying "Sorry Nick, Plan B is never going to happen.

Because I saved your kidney." At the end of the episode, Shonda has all the fans wondering if Nick could really be a love possibility for Grey. Meredith tells Alex that she met a guy that is smart, funny and hot, but the only problem is that he is her patient. She even said that he made her feel something that she hasn't felt since Derek. Could this be the one for Meredith Grey has been waiting for?