Daily Motion provides "The Young and the Restless" episodes one day in advance and Tuesday is promising to be epic in genoa city. Both Nick and Mariah will have life-altering circumstances to come their way because of the actions of others. Hilary will pull her diva act and leave her former husband in a jam. Her impulsive behavior is not going to have the desired effect but actually is going to backfire. Now she just might be shocked by finding herself out of a job. Sharon and Phyllis actually get physical as they disagree on whether or not Nick needs to know that Christian is not his biological son.

He intervenes and demands to know what is going on, and Sharon tells all.

Devon might just do right by Mariah

On Tuesday Hilary walks out on the show that bears her name, just moments before airtime. She believes everything will fall apart without her, but she is wrong. Devon convinces her cohost to sit in the driver's seat, and Mariah carries the show all by herself. She gives the scoop on Chelsea stealing from her own company and leaving town, and when she is finished, her co-workers clap. They clearly approve, and Ms. Copeland is in awe.

Devon tells his former lover that he is impressed and that she is well able to carry the show alone. He says Hilary wanted to get his attention and she got it.

He's tired of her behavior, and now he wants to move on. Mr. Hamilton then asks the co-host how she would like the name of the show to be changed to "The Mariah Hour." She looks absolutely stunned, and the scene ends before she can give a reply.

Sharon can't keep a secret

Phyllis goes to the coffee house and tries to force Sharon to keep quiet about Christian's paternity.

While they are arguing Nick comes in. Phyllis keeps cutting Sharon off and tells Nick that she is still out of it from being hit over the head. The women get into a tussle and Sharon shoves Phyllis knocking her down. Nick demands to know what is going on and Sharon blurts out that Adam is Christian's biological dad.

Phyllis confirms the story, and together the women explain to Nick how everything led to this point.

Phyllis is later seen talking to Billy and Sharon, and Nick awaits the results of a DNA test at the hospital. When Nick gets the envelope and opens it he tells his former wife that it's true, he is not the father of the little boy he has been raising. He breaks down in tears and Sharon reaches out to hold him. Nick's world is falling apart just as Mariah may be getting the big break that she deserves. Continue to look for the day ahead spoilers for your favorite Genoa City characters and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM.