Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that there will be plenty of drama and heartbreak this week in genoa city. The aftermath of Chelsea's actions are far-reaching and the Newman family will be devastated. A few weeks ago Ms. Lawson told Hilary that people don't change and shortly after it was revealed that she was stealing money from her own company. She later skipped town with Conner and left a note for Nick, in which she said that as a con she always had to have a backup plan. Soap Hub indicates that she will leave a trail of destruction that will encompass the man she left behind and all of those she came in contact with.

Chelsea outsmarts Victor

There is an old saying that "You can't out-con a con, and it seems at least for now that Chelsea has outsmarted the most devious minds in Genoa City. She remained one step ahead of Sharon and Phyllis who both deceived Nick in the past regarding his children. Ms. Lawson also outwitted Victor who returned home to Nikki shaking his head because the grifter pulled the wool over his eyes. With all of his money and power, the Newman patriarch was not able to find his former daughter-in-law and his grandson.

Spoilers don't indicate whether or not viewers have seen the last of Chelsea Lawson but Soap Hub says that the Newmans will be reeling from the truth that comes out of all of this.

Victoria was caught off guard when her nephew was dropped on her doorstep and Victor is already distraught that the con artist got away. Once Nikki learns all the details she will be furious with her husband, once more, and Nick will be absolutely undone.

The truth about Christian won't set anyone in Genoa City free

Those in Genoa City on the periphery of the Newman family are going to be affected by this as well.

Spoilers say Sharon is going to reveal to Nick that Adam is Christian's biological father and this is going to turn his life upside down. Phyllis has had a change of heart and did not want this revelation to be brought to light, but now it's too late. Neither woman wanted to see their ex-husband hurt again but it's happening anyway.

Soap Hub indicates that Nick and Victor will come to some type of agreement but fans of "The Young and the Restless" know this will not last very long. When the entire truth is revealed it will not set anyone free, but will only cause more heartbreak and mayhem within the ranks of the Newman family. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more "Y&R episodes and continue reading spoilers to know ahead of time what will happen to your favorite characters.

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