They just can’t get the Oscars right. Last year – and for a couple of years before that – the awards people were attacked for rewarding films that either misrepresented people of color or under-represented women. This year’s lineup of Oscar hopefuls are being plagued by scandals and backlash galore. Among the accusations being thrown are sexual misconduct and plagiarism, and there is also criticism from the African-American and gay communities.

Oscar awards set for Sunday with controversies

Dave Karger, a special correspondent for, recently said that each main contender in the upcoming Oscars appears to have a knock against it.

After the lengthy awards season in Hollywood, the Oscars ceremony is set for Sunday, but lately social media has been speaking up and fueling criticism. However, Studio Fox Searchlight has said in a statement that the latest claims have no merit and are pretty much baseless.

Films causing problems for the Oscars

Call Me By Your Name” is a gay romance, but it turns out the two lead actors are straight, which definitely upsets the gay community. However the director of the film, Luca Guadagnino is gay himself and he cast Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet based on what he believed they could bring to their roles.

As noted by EWN, even the popular fantasy film “The Shape Of Water,” which received 13 nominations, has been hit with controversy and a copyright infringement lawsuit.

The suit alleges that the filmmakers lifted the plot directly by a 1969 play by the late U.S. playwright, Paul Zindel.

The Post” press freedom film is in Oscar trouble due to misperceptions that the Washington Post broke the original story in 1971 and not the New York Times.

As reported by USA Today, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” is feeling the brunt of the complaints, with critics saying the way the dark comedy portrays the racist cop (played by Sam Rockwell) is both “hopelessly bad on race” and “tone-deaf” after he is redeemed in the story.

However, the film’s U.K. director, Martin McDonagh, who wrote the film’s screenplay, defends his work.

According to McDonagh, the cop isn’t redeemed at all in the movie. He said he begins the movie as a racist jerk and is the same right through to almost the end. However, at the end of the film, he has realized that he needs to change. McDonagh went on to explain that the movie is a “deliberately messy and difficult film,” saying because the world is like that.

Some things do go right at the Oscars

However, while scandals rock the Oscars yet again, sometimes things go the right way.

Veteran actor Christopher Plummer recently scored by getting the lead role in “All The Money In The World,” after the #MeToo movement ousted Kevin Spacey who was originally the lead.

According to Karger, he believes the Oscars voters are focused on the films and performances and will pay little attention to the Controversies surrounding the films.