Spoiler alerts indicate that February sweeps will end with a bang on "The Young and the Restless" as Melissa Claire Egan's character exits genoa city. It has been confirmed by Soap Opera Digest that Greg Rikaarrt will reprise his role as Kevin, and Celeb Dirty Laundry has teased that Chloe may also come back to town. Soaps She Knows continues to report that Adam Newman could show up alive so the possibilities are many. One thing that is known for certain is that Chelsea Lawson is desperate because her past is quickly catching up with her present life, and she will attempt to get Nick to marry her and leave his former life behind.

Desperate times for Chelsea call for desperate measures

Phyllis figured out that Chelsea used the alias Alexandria West and sabotaged her own company. Jordan returned to Genoa City and confirmed just enough of the truth to keep Hilary from having him put in jail. Billy and Sharon are suspicious and Nick seems as if he is beginning to doubt the woman he loves as well. On Thursday someone texted Ms. Lawson and indicated that they knew the secret of Christian's paternity. Now, she is frightened and desperate to the point of wanting to run away from it all.

Soap Opera Digest indicates that Chelsea will suddenly propose to her lover during a Valentine's Day event, hoping he will say yes.

She wants him and the boys to run away with her before the truth about Adam being Christian's father is revealed. Asking Nick to marry her would seem to indicate that Adam is not alive but on daytime drama, nothing is ever as it appears.

Kevin returning may bring answers to Genoa City

Viewers realize the mystery person is not Adam because if it were, Chelsea would not propose to Nick and want to run away.

Spoiler alerts revealing that Kevin is returning to town on February 20, could indicate that he has been shadowing Ms. Lawson, and stealing money would be right up his alley. Josh Morrow has not been reported to be leaving his role so "Y&R" fans know that Nick will not be leaving Genoa City.

February is promising to be a month of can't miss episodes on "The Young and the Restless" and based on spoilers, Valentine's Day just might be a turning point.

Nick is most definitely going to want to know what is going on and when he refuses to leave town, Chelsea just might break down and tell all. Keep watching for additional updates as Melissa Claire Egan's exit date approaches. None of this confirms or disproves a return by Adam, so stay tuned.