Selena Gomez has been out front in the public more than ever in the past few months. The spirited 25-year-old singer and actress became Billboard’s Woman of the Year last November and offered one of the rawest and heartfelt speeches ever delivered in offering tearful gratitude to her dear friend, Francia Raisa, standing at her side. The simple affirmation of “I love you, sis,” spoke more than volumes, and tears were streaming down cheeks of many in the ballroom audience.

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez forged a bond far beyond being roommates last September, when Raisa donated her kidney to Gomez, was suffering severe complications from lupus.

Possessing another’s organ essential to life transcends even blood bonds for the recipient, and Selena Gomez has come to a point in her own life that transcends music, acting, or celebrity. Wellness in mind, spirit, soul, and body is being embraced like never before by the star, and she is not alone in that mission. She spoke candidly about her life now and her new sense of purpose in an excerpt featured on “Today” for February 7.

Always in battle

Selena Gomez is a stunning blonde, looking radiant on the Harper's Bazaar cover, but that doesn't mean that the girl from Grand Prairie, Texas doesn’t have her struggles-- every day. “I've had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety,” Selena openly shared with the star of the show she produced, “13 Reasons Why” Katherine Langford.

Gomez is being truthful in saying that she has been incredibly honest and “vocal” about those issues, and the singer is even franker in her openness, elaborating that “It's not something that I feel I'll ever overcome,” She understands it is "a battle I'm gonna face the rest of my life," and she is "ok" about it.

Selena Gomez is discovering that issues with depression, anxiety, or other struggles with mental illness have no “cure” as physical maladies often do.

Lifestyle routines, realistic expectations, a healthy balance, prescribed medications, and a positive perspective can all work together to manage individual issues and create a more meaningful life than ever.

Demi Lovato has been a very vocal ambassador and an advocate with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, opening up about her bipolar disorder.

Her stage presence and power, as evidenced in “Sorry Not Sorry” are stronger than ever, and she, too, has learned to put health as a prime concern. Creed and Art of Anarchy lead singer and lyricist, Scott Stapp, fronted three tours last year and recorded an album before welcoming his beautiful new son, Anthony, with wife, Jaclyn, and brother and sister, Daniel and Milan. Lady Gaga has laid open her “Diamond Heart” in being transparent with personal trauma. Catherine Zeta-Jones was ravishing as ever alongside her legendary father-in-law, Kirk Douglas, at the Golden Globes. Creativity and productivity can thrive as someone learns to listen to his or her own needs to manage mental health.

‘Choosing myself’

Selena Gomez is shying away from setting goals specifically for 2017, hoping not to let herself down by falling short, but the star definitely has the right start in keeping her main thing the main thing. “I'm choosing myself over anything else,” she stresses and affirms “I want to make sure I'm healthy. If that's good, everything else will fall into place. That perspective is one that does not come easily, and one that is so needed in this era of constant tumult and tortured headlines.

Her fans have no need to fear over not having new music from the versatile artist, who was pressured to perform throughout so much of her youthful life. The creative process takes time and space, and Selena Gomez has learned to pace herself to keep her sense of peace.

She admits that her next album has taken “forever” because “I haven't been ready.” The creative juices will flow, but she's not putting any time constraints on an album completion. Her priority is to become confident in her music and “If that takes 10 years, then it takes 10 years.” Selena has pledged to herself to be “very intentional with all the things I'm doing.”

To this very second, the gossip headlines are still filled with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fodder, no matter how fabricated. Selena has felt the positive and negative power of social media much more so than most young women her age, but she now understands the platform her 133 million Instagram followers give her to speak her own personal truth, and allow that truth to uplift and comfort the millions who may face similar battles.

One thing Selena Gomez can prove to her fans and followers is that through good days and bad days, she wants to be real, not the “false representations” that pervade the media world. She wants to stay herself and healthy—the real deal.