Leslie Jones has been a popular comedian on the long-running NBC program "Saturday Night Live" since 2013. She also is now a writer for the show. Unfortunately, it seems that outside of Lorne Michael's world this woman just cannot seem to catch a break, or the respect she believes she deserves. When Jones starred in the remake of "Ghostbusters" there was an outcry because she was African-American, which is interesting because Ernie Hudson who is black was in the original. Now, the actress is claiming that she received poor service at the Atlanta Fish Market, and she is blaming it on racism.

Leslie Jones and racism

Jones has been perplexed at the hatred that strangers have hurled in her direction because of her race. The fact that she does not look like the typical celebrity also plays a part in the racism that comes her way. She was trolled on Twitter and referred to as an ape and a gorilla. At one point she shut down her Twitter account but returned to the social media platform a few days later.

Leslie Jones is tall and big-boned and her manner of speech is possibly intimidating to some who may consider it as "ghetto." Oprah Winfrey, on the other hand, has won legions of fans as a plus-sized African-American woman because she presents herself in a different manner. Now, Jones believes the treatment she received from the manager of the Atlanta Fish Market is just one more example of being judged by her race.

The Atlanta Fish Market incident is one of many

This is not the first time Leslie has gone to bat against an establishment she believes is racist. Prior to the release of her first feature film, Jones said that fashion designers did not want to make clothing for her when "Ghostbusters" had its premiere. She also expressed dismay when her stay at the Ritz Carlton was not a pleasant one.

These and other uncomfortable situations make the Buckhead's Atlanta Fish Market encounter one of many.

Jones stated that her meal was one of the worst ever and just nasty. When she complained, she expected the manager of The Buckheads Atlanta Fish Market to be concerned. Instead, Leslie says he was rude and she perceived it to be because of her race.

The Atlanta eatery attempted to make things right on Twitter on Tuesday night but Jones said the manager was a snob and stood her ground regarding being racially profiled. No information has come to light indicating who actually started the incident.