Spoiler alerts indicate that things are going from bad to worse for Chelsea on "The Young and the Restless." Phyllis has already practically accused Ms. Lawson of stealing from her own company, and now she has another surprise up her sleeve that will lead to some shocking revelations coming forth in Genoa City. According to Soap Hub, Phyllis is going to bring Jordan Wilde back to town and expose a shocking secret. He may be the co-conspirator in the theft of Fenmore's products or have something to reveal about the grifter past he shared with Chelsea.

As Melissa Claire Egan's time on the show is almost up, the truth of Christian's could be about to be revealed.

Chelsea is up to something shady

Ms. Lawson has been acting strangely in recent weeks, but viewers of "The Young and the Restless" have not yet been able to figure out why. She hid a quarter of a million dollars in her home and opened a bank account under an assumed name. She closed the account before J.T. could learn her identity, but Phyllis has figured out that Chelsea is the one stealing her own designer clothing. She must also have a good reason for bringing Jordan back to town.

Spoilers indicate that Nick will be fooled for a while, but time is running out as Melissa Claire Egan's departure date nears.

He will eventually begin thinking about all that his ex-wife has said regarding the woman he is currently living with. Chelsea is up to something shady and it is about to blow up in her face before she exits Genoa City. Soap Hub suggests it could be that Justin Hartley will reprise his role as Adam and whisk his wife and children away to parts unknown.

Jordan may bring the house of Chelsea tumbling down

Phyllis obviously has a very good reason for why she is bringing Mr. Wilde back to Genoa City, and whatever he brings to the table will be explosive. He made hold the key to bringing the house of Chelsea tumbling down around her. All the mystery has "Y&R" viewers wondering what is the root of all the mystery and what caused Ms.

Lawson to revert to her con artist ways. As time winds down, it all has to hit the fan, because it is well past time for Nick to know that his brother is Christian's biological father.

Spoilers say that just when Chelsea believes she has things under control and has averted Nick's suspicion, the other shoe will drop because of a phone call. It could be Jordan, Adam, or someone totally different. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS. Keep watching for updates as this storyline continues to unfold.