Tyler Baltierra has been gushing over Catelynn Lowell since visiting her in Arizona at the rehab center. Tyler has been Cate's rock, which is a big deal considering how much he's been going through himself.

The "Teen Mom OG" dad has been very open with fans about his struggles recently. He's not only dealing with Catelynn's depression and taking care of Novalee while she deals with another stint in rehab. Baltierra has also been trying to help his dad get through his own rehab and keep an eye on his sister.

With constant drama surrounding him, Tyler has recently admitted that he's dealing with his own darkness but has said that he has to be strong so he can help his wife and his daughter,

Tyler gets encouragement from 'Teen Mom' producer

After visiting Catelynn Lowell in rehab, Tyler Baltierra shared his commitment to marriage and all the hard work that it takes. Telling his followers, "Marriage & relationships aren't always sunshine & rainbows," Tyler spilled his heart about his commitment to his wife.

It didn't take long for 'Teen Mom OG" producer Kiki Malone to respond to Tyler's tweet and she was nothing but supportive of Tyler, letting him know that despite everything he's been going through lately, he's been doing a great job.

"You’re strength and wisdom beyond your years never ceases to amaze me," Kiki wrote."I’m so proud of you ty and so honored to have you in my life. And so happy my God-daughter will grow up with a real example of what a man, father and husband can be at their best."

The love fest continued on Twitter as Tyler Baltierra shared how he's been feeling lately.

He's clearly been struggling and still is.

"Thanks Kiki. I’m trying to fight this hollow feeling in my soul," Tyler responded. "I’m trying to fight these thoughts in my head. I’m trying to fight for Cate, my dad, & most importantly my daughter. Like I said before...just because I’m strong enough to handle pain, doesn’t mean I deserve it."

Kiki Malone continues to support Tyler

The "Teen Mom OG" producer chatting back and forth with Tyler on Twitter also happens to be the godmother of Novalee.

She's been a part of the show and because of that, a part of Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's lives for years.She clearly cares about Tyler's well being and continued to support him and offer words of encouragement. After Baltierra admitted to his own "hollow" feelings, Kiki offered more encouragement.

"And you will keep on fighting because you’re a fighter," Kiki wrote. "But no matter what you’re fighting, you deserve the right to feel how you feel and express it. Don’t deny yourself that ever. And know how you FEEL is NEVER wrong! I love you kiddo!"

Tyler wrote back to Kiki, thanking her for always being there. There's no denying that Kiki Malone has been involved in or at least accused of causing plenty of "Teen Mom OG" drama over the years.

After all, the MTV series wouldn't be a hit without shock and drama to pull viewers in.

However, when it comes to Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, it looks like she definitely has a soft spot for the couple and that Tyler has someone to lean on when the things he's dealing with just get too heavy. Hopefully, he'll also be able to do some healing and find some peace after all the ups and downs lately.