There's no denying that "Teen Mom OG" star Tyler Baltierra is looking pretty svelte lately. Tyler has been talking about his 35-pound weight loss and showing off progress pictures as he whittled away all of the extra weight over the last several weeks. When it comes to motivation and those who helped him achieve weight loss success, Caitlyn Lowell gets none of the credit. In fact, recent comments made by Tyler make it pretty clear that she was working against him on this latest goal and that could spell more drama for the reality TV couple.

'Teen Mom' fans worry about Catelynn

Fans were worried that Tyler Baltierra's weight loss might make Catelynn Lowell feel even more insecure. They asked the "Teen Mom OG" star if he was worried that it might send her into an even deeper depression. His response, while probably true, seemed a bit harsh considering Catelynn's current condition.

“The only one responsible for managing Cate’s emotions… is Cate," Tyler blasted back. "I have goals too that I refuse to put on the back burner."

Diet sabotage

Then, Tyler shared even more about his recent time with Catelynn before she left again. He claims that his wife hasn't been the most supportive of his effort to shred extra weight. In fact, Tyler Baltierra makes it sound like Catelynn Lowell was trying to sabotage his weight loss, or at the very least, she was very insensitive.

“When I started my health kick Cate didn’t want to join me and kept ordering pizza and I had to eat my salad while staring at the beauty of that perfect looking, cheesy pepperoni greatness!” Tyler said about the pizza temptation.

Catelynn also struggles with her weight

It's no secret that Catelynn Lowell has battled with weight gain over the years too.

Even though he's just successfully lost weight himself and knows how hard the struggle can be, Tyler has been very critical of Catelynn's weight gain in the past.

Even a "Teen Mom OG" producer thought it was pretty harsh of Tyler when he tore into Catelynn over a big meal. It all happened in an older episode of the MTV hit where Catelynn announced that she was going to do Weight Watchers again and get her weight under control.

Though Tyler was supportive of her decision, he probably went about encouraging her to eat better in the wrong way.

"That’s a big a** quesadilla, it has a lot of chicken," Tyler said to his wife. "It’s your body, you could do what you want. Obviously I don’t want no heifer for a wife!"

Right now, Catelynn Lowell is in rehab again. She returned to treatment after coming home for roughly three weeks around Christmas and is said to be working on her childhood trauma. Prior to that, she went to rehab because she was having suicidal thoughts. It should only be a few more weeks until Catelynn Lowell returns home to Tyler Baltierra. Hopefully their reunion will be a good one, but it looks like Tyler has some frustrations that he needs to work through too.