Jerry Lewis has yet another of his offspring coming after him after being totally ignored by their famous comedian father before and after his death. New reports reveal that Jerry Lewis not only disowned his five sons from his first marriage, but also left out his only biological daughter.

Hollywood News Daily reports that Jerry Lewis not only left his family out of his will, he did so purposely. Following Lewis' death last August at the age of 91 news stories began to surface revealing Jerry's cold-hearted non-feelings for his children. Jerry purposely excluded his first wife of 36 years, Patty, their five sons, and now a daughter from his $75 million estate, leaving them with nothing.

Jerry Lewis leaves entire estate to wife and adopted daughter

It has been no secret over the course of Lewis' career that he was a difficult man to deal with. However, to exclude his blood children from his estate and leave everything solely to his wife SanDee and Adopted Daughter Danielle is a huge slap in the face. It doesn't end quite there, either. As previously reported, Jerry's first wife Patty resides in a nursing home. Just weeks after Jerry's death it was reported that funds to the nursing home for Patty's care were suddenly stopped, leaving her facing eviction and leaving the family to struggle to pay for their ailing mother's care.

Jerry Lewis' cruel treatment of family revealed after death

It was recently revealed that Jerry Lewis possibly fathered a daughter during an extramarital affair, as it has not been 100 percent confirmed. However, after hearing about the situation, Jerry's son, Gary Lewis, agreed to take a DNA test, which proved that there was an 88.7 percent probability that the two were half-siblings.

The woman's name is Suzan Minoret. Suzan lives as a homeless woman on the streets of Philadephia, doing whatever it takes to survive. Suzan has come forward, revealing her story. She described how she survives the winter weather by wearing several plastic bags as protection from the weather.

Her story with Jerry Lewis begins when she was 24, and her mother, fashion model Lynn Dixon, revealed her affair with Jerry Lewis.

She told Suzan that she was conceived in a room at New York's Copacabana Nightclub. Minoret revealed that after hearing the news of who her father was she contacted Jerry Lewis to meet him. She claims that they spent one day together bonding and she felt that it was the start of a real relationship.

However, the next day, Suzan claims she called Jerry and was told by his manager to never contact him again. Suzan revealed that she was very heartbroken. She even claimed that last year when Jerry was admitted to the hospital she went to see him, only to be turned away.

Today, Suzan and her five alleged stepbrothers have decided it is time to challenge their late father's last will and testament.

By doing so they hope to convince the courts to throw out the harsh will excluding them from Jerry's estate and claim their portion of what should have been theirs all along.

Are you surprised to hear of Jerry Lewis' homeless daughter, and of his harsh treatment of his children and first wife Patty?