freeform's newest drama "Siren" focuses on the mysterious Ryn (Eline Powell) who arrives to Bristol Cove, a place that was once a safe haven for mermaids. Ryn's arrival proves that mermaids exist, sparking the beginning of a war for the ocean. Marine biologist Ben (Alex Roe) is drawn to Ryn and into her fight for the ocean while his partner Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) is suspicious of the mysterious woman's intentions. The series also stars Ian Verdun, a fisherman setting out to discover the truth, Sibongile Mlambo as powerful mermaid Donna, and Rena Owen as Helen, the town eccentric.

Dark romance teased

The cast describes the series as being a scary take on "The Little Mermaid" with mermaids fighting for their right to the ocean. Series lead Eline Powell shared with Entertainment Tonight that "Siren" takes a realistic approach with the mermaids, calling them predators that have to survive in the ocean. The actor describes her character as being animalistic, but lovely. As for what's causing the mermaids to return, Powell explains that if someone takes away their loved ones, pollutes their home, kills off animal species, and invades their home, that's a good reason to be angry. The series is grounded in reality, with the environmental situations based on what's happening today.

Alex Roe shared with ET that his character is a bit of a rogue, starting out as a cynic that eventually ends up helping Ryn. As for a potential romance between Ben and Ryn, Roe teased that their relationship will have a dark tone. The actor described the mermaids as sirens with the ability to sing a creepy song that gets inside a person's head and manipulates their feelings.

While Ben may think there's good reasons behind his actions, he will soon wonder if Ryn has gotten into his head and may be behind his actions.

Freeform released a sneak peek for "Siren" that follows Ryn as she wakes up inside a boat and inspects her new legs. This takes a slightly creepy turn when she eats a rat. She steals some clothes left out to dry and takes a walk into town where she stops to stare at a sign with a mermaid on it.

The scene ends with Ryn approaching a woman sweeping the sidewalk and claiming to have the only mermaid artifacts in town. When she sees Ryn, she seems to be afraid of her.

Underwater scenes to come

Eline Powell shared behind the scenes scoops with ET, teasing that she does her own swimming and that she's scuba certified. The actor underwent training and is able to hold her breath for three minutes and twelve seconds. The mermaid appearance is added post-production, but when the pilot was filmed Powell had to sit through hours of makeup for the perfect scales and gills.

Roe said to Collider that "Siren" is based off the mystery of the ocean as 95% is undiscovered so it's believable that anything could be lurking down there.

The actor shared that the mermaids have a matriarchal society that he's excited for fans to see. Lastly, he hinted at a lot of underwater stuff to come, and that he does his own stunts that involved jumping into the cold Canadian water.

Freeform has announced the premiere date for the new superhero series "Cloak & Dagger" for June 7. Fan favorite series "Shadowhunters" returns March 20, with "The Bold Type" set for June 12, and I. Marlene King series "Famous in Love" returning April 4. The network is also developing "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off "The Perfectionists" and Shay Mitchell-led drama "The Heiresses" adapted from the Sara Shepard novel. Freeform has also shared plans for new series "Tapped" from King and Paul Wesley, "Cleopatra" which will follow the life of the Egyptian ruler, and science fiction series "Augs."

"Siren" will premiere on March 29 with a season consisting of ten episodes.