"Teen Mom OG" fans may have seen a Blind Item floating around that suggested someone from the show was cheating on their significant other. It didn't take long for fans of the show to start pointing a finger at Tyler Baltierra, alleging that he has been stepping out on Caitlynn Lowell while she receives treatment for severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Tyler Baltierra blasts Caitlynn Lowell cheating rumors

For what it's worth, the cheating rumors that have Tyler all bent out of shape weren't started by Simon Saran. Instead, they were posted by Crazy Days And Nights, a blind item blog that is reportedly run by a Hollywood entertainment lawyer.

The blind item read, "This Teen Mom star has been cheating on his significant other for almost a year. Eventually, when she has a clear head she's going to catch on and that could push her over the edge to suicide."

Considering that Catelynn Lowell just left for another six-week stint in rehab after barely even coming home from the one before, it was a pretty easy guess that the blind item was referring to Tyler Baltierra. When he caught wind of what was being passed around, he went ballistic and even tweeted at @EntyLawyer, the man behind the Crazy Days and Nights blog, asking him to prove his claims.

Well, that's where things got really messy.

The unidentified entertainment lawyer behind the site responded to Tyler's tweet and tagged both Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham. That's when things got explosive.

Simon and Tyler battle on Twitter

When Tyler Baltierra found out it was Simon Saran behind the Catelynn Lowell cheating rumors, he went all the way off. He called out Simon, trying to use his relationship with Farrah Abraham as ammunition.

Simon fired right back, making sure that both of their significant others get dragged all the way through the mud before this is over.

It seems that talking about how awful it is to sleep with the other man's mate just wasn't enough of an insult so Simon added even more.

"You are embarrassed for me? Dude you need to get your eyes checked. Look at what you have to stick your d*** in to keep your story line going. If you actually cared about your “family” might get her to quit smoking while she’s pregnant," he tweeted.

That wasn't even the lowest blow Simon dished to Tyler as they battled on Twitter. The worst was when he brought up Carly, the baby that Tyler and Lowell gave up for adoption when they were just teenagers. He wrote, "Farrah did what she had to do to support her baby as a single mother.

Unlike your p**** a** who gave your child up" before hashtagging #TeenMomOG to make sure the Twitter beef gets seen by even more fans of the show.

This isn't even the first time that Tyler Baltierra has been the subject of a blind item about cheating on Catelynn Lowell. There was another one released by the same person in February of 2017 that alludes to Tyler cheating on Catelyn back in 2016 too. At this point, there's no telling if he's cheating or not. One thing is for sure, though: sparks are going to fly at the next "Teen Mom OG" reunion when Tyler and Simon Saran come face to face.