It's no secret that Catelynn Lowell has been struggling lately. Still, when the "Teen Mom OG" star announced on Tuesday that she was heading back to rehab, fans of the MTV show were shocked. Now Tyler Baltierra is opening up about his wife's sudden departure and it's pretty clear that he's going to miss her a lot.

Tyler leaves a sweet message on Snapchat

Tyler took to Snapchat on Wednesday night and posted a picture that probably will make a lot of "Teen Mom OG" fans sad. He posted a black and white photo taken from the inside of his car. Past the steering wheel, you can see the long, open road ahead of him.

He captioned the photo, "I'm going to miss you Babe...but it's killing me to say I'm fine."

This isn't the first time Tyler Baltierra has posted sweet messages in support of his wife. When Catelyn returned from rehab after her second stint in December, he posted a group of throwback photos and a message of support as well. Tyler talked about how much he just wanted to hug her when she gets home. Baltierra also commented on how much Catelynn has been through over the years.

Catelynn heads back to get more help

Catelynn Lowell was only home for two weeks after receiving treatment over the holidays.

Now she's headed back for more help in coping with depression. Meanwhile, Tyler is staying home to take care of Novalee while she gets help. This time around, Catelynn will be gone for six weeks. She told fans that she was going to be working on her "trauma" while she's there and that she'll be changing up her meds.

The last time Catelynn headed to rehab was back in November.

She told her social media followers back then that she was headed out to get extra help because she was having suicidal thoughts. Hopefully this time around, she'll get all the help she needs so that she can feel good when she gets back home again.

Clearly, the adoption years back is still really troubling for her. When a fan tweeted with speculation about "what's going on here," Catelyn responded and said, "Yeah my childhood s**t that's what's going on." Clearly, she's been dealing with quite a bit of trauma.

Thankfully she has Tyler Baltierra by her side for support.

Meanwhile on 'Teen Mom'

Catelynn Lowell's return to rehab is happening at the same time as new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" air on MTV. As Catelynn returns to rehab for the third time, fans of the MTV hit are watching as she and Tyler talk about expanding their family again. Could that play a part in her recent issues with depression and suicidal thoughts? Obviously, with Catelynn gone for two 6-week stints in a row, the family planning will have to take a back seat, at least for now.