Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher met and fell on love on "The Bachelorette" and are still going strong. The fans have been waiting on wedding news from them, but it just hasn't happened yet. Now, Jordan is sharing how they are doing and that there is even a little bit of baby fever going on.

Life for these two in Dallas

JoJo and Jordan have been engaged for two years, which in the normal world isn't too long, but people expect the ones who fall in love on this show to get married right away. Jordan shared that they constantly talk about their wedding, but they don't feel any pressure to do it right away.

They are just enjoying time together and they do already live together in Dallas.

He shared that they are both very busy with their jobs and they were only on the show for nine weeks. They are just enjoying things and haven't even set a date just yet. He does expect that to happen pretty soon, though. He went on to say, "So she’s going to take the lead [with planning], but her style is so great. There’s nothing that she picks or does that I don’t like. And we see things all the time that give us ideas. We love the outdoors — something with a little rustic feel, lights in the trees."

Will it be on television?

Jordan Rodgers actually shared that it would take a lot for him to make the decision to have the wedding on television.

He did tease that he has some friends that can really dance and so he would love to have that part on television, but he also doesn't want JoJo to have to worry about anything other than them on that day. If the big day was televised, then JoJo would have a lot of things on her mind. He kind of does want it to be private. If they do it on television, then of course, it won't be a very private event.

Right now, both of JoJo Fletcher's brothers have babies on the way, so he said that there is a bit of baby fever going on for them. He admits that his parents are wanting grandchildren and that JoJo is going to be a great aunt. That should give her a bit of her baby fix for a while, but fans would love to hear the news that a baby is on the way for them.

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