Leah Messer reached her breaking point with Jenelle Evans after hearing the "Teen Mom 2" star's latest podcast interview with Vince Russo. According to a new report, Evans spoke all about how Kailyn Lowry was allegedly controlling Messer's thoughts and disclosed her secret communication with Messer's ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, during the episode.

"I hold, like, all of [Leah Messer]’s secrets, and I have held them for years," Jenelle Evans told the host during the taping, slamming her co-star for reportedly being on drugs and on pills during her marriage to Calvert.

As she alleged, she often communicated with Calvert on the down-low about Messer's alleged behavior, including her alleged affair with her ex-fiance, which Calvert revealed on Twitter at the end of 2014. "I was standing there talking to [Jeremy Calvert] every single day," Evans revealed.

Leah Messer shares her response with her fans and followers

According to a February 19 report by Starcasm, Messer shared her response to Evans' rant against her in the form of several short clips shared on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. "I think it’s funny," Messer began of Evans' tell-all interview. "Crazy. Lies, lies, lies." Messer then posed the question of how someone can lie and think it is okay. "It’s so insane to me.

So insane," she said. As Messer revealed, there has been plenty of other things that have gone down between her and Evans that Evans failed to mention. "She harassed me with the craziest stuff," Messer alleged.

Leah Messer didn't address the cheating and drug rumors?

While Messer said a lot on Instagram and Snapchat, she seemed to forget to mention a comment about Evans' claims of her alleged use of drugs and her affair.

As fans will recall from "Teen Mom 2," Messer sparked rumors of drug use with her odd behavior on camera in 2015 and ultimately, Calvert chose to divorce her during a 30-day stint in rehab.

Although Messer did spend time at a rehab facility in Arizona in mid-2015, she never admitted to being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Instead, after denying she was addicted to anything, she claimed she had gone to rehab only to address her ongoing struggles with anxiety and depression.

Still, both Calvert and her first husband, Corey Simms, seemed convinced she was up to no good.

Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans are currently in production on the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2" but a premiere date has not yet been set.