Cliffhanger Friday on "The Young and the Restless" was exhilarating with twists and turns viewers could not expect. Unless Victor stops her, Chelsea seems to have made her exit from genoa city in a most shocking manner. She knocked Sharon over the head to keep her from telling Nick that Christian is Adam's biological child, then went home to pack. After Phyllis came to her door, Chelsea left through the secret exit, retrieved her boys from Nikki and took off. Before the night was over, however, Ms. Lawson had a change of heart. She dropped off the little boy that Nick believes to be his son at Victoria's and seems to be long gone into the night.

Chelsea wrecks havoc in Genoa City

As Sharon is lying unconscious in the hospital Chelsea packs her bags and decides to escape all the drama. She goes to Victor's ranch and lies to Nikki that she needs to get the boys because Nick is taking them on a trip. Once she is gone Phyllis alerts Victor that Ms. Lawson may be skipping town with Conner and Chris but he tells her to stay out of his family business.

When Nikki confirms that their grandsons were picked up by their mother, Victor remains calm but makes a call and has Chelsea's vehicle tracked.When Victor finds the car, however, it is Jordan who is in the driver's seat and he says Chelsea asked for his help because she needed to get out of town quickly.

Meanwhile, as she is driving, Ms. Lawson reminisces about her life with Nick, and she seems about to change her mind and not leave Genoa City.

The Newman's are all drawn into Chelsea's web

Victoria Newman has no idea what her family is dealing with but she is soon drawn into the drama. Her doorbell rings and she finds her nephew standing outside in his pajama's.

She calls her brother and tells him that Christian showed up alone at her front door. This would indicate that Chelsea has decided to leave behind the child that Nick has raised as his own. As Nick gets ready to go to his sister's house, he finds a letter and after reading it realizes that Phyllis was telling the truth.

Phyllis showed up at the ranch and it's implied that she filled Nikki in on all the goings-on.

Victor returns and sadly shakes his head indicating that he was too late to retrieve his grandsons. Both Nikki and Phyllis look devastated that Chelsea was not apprehended. Stay tuned to "The Young and he Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to find out if this is the final goodbye for Chlsea and Conner.