"Siesta Key" is a place where it is always spring break, where you want to vacation to and relax in the Florida sun. The beach, the waves, the tan, young, attractive people could be the reason MTV chose this destination for a new reality series.

Who can forget Laguna Beach and the Hills? If you were a fan of those series, then you know you are craving for something new. I was excited to hear about a new series on MTV. Siesta Key provides all the drama that I and so many have missed form the Hills days. Welcome the new guilty pleasure Siesta Key!

It is okay you can admit it is your guilty pleasure too.

Halfway through the season "Siesta Key" has yet to disappoint. Monday night was the most recent episode. Here is the rundown and my opinions. This week continued the relationship drama with Bradison. Last week we all saw Brandon cheat on Madisson with a groupie girl and Madisson found out about it. So, we know that this week we will see the aftermath of Madisson's broken heart.

How can you not feel for her? We are all interested to know what she decides to do. Well, this episode tells the ending of Bradison. Brandon I feel, was Madisson's first true love. You can see her struggle in the beginning of the episode of not responding to Brandon's constant calls and text messages.

You can see her heartbreak and I am proud of her for holding out and not giving in, especially after what she went through with Alex. Brandon told his mother that he cheated on Madisson. His mother's reaction says it all. She was not happy. Now Brandon's best friend per say, Carson is a good true friend. He disapproved of what Brandon did and told him how it was.

Brandon didn't like it but it was refreshing to see Carson tell him he needs to come clean. When he didn't come clean Canvas told Madisson, which some cast members didn't agree with. I personally agree with Canvas. I think it was good that she told Madisson about what she saw. I could tell it was without bad intentions. What do you think?

Which leads to this weeks episode,

Canvas showed up at work where Madisson was hanging out. She was getting advice from Chloe. When she saw Canvas she didn't want to hear anything from her. Madisson should not be mad at Canvas. Even though she burned you in the previous episodes, she was the only one to tell you about your boyfriend cheating on you. You don't have to be friends with her but at least give her some respect for telling you.

Madisson then preceded to call Alex for comfort and advice! What? Really? You know that Alex will eat all of this up and find some way to take advantage of this. What did he do? He invited her to go on his boat with his girlfriend Juliette and some of his friends.

Juliette and Madisson don't get along. Really?

They all went on the boat

He thinks that Juliette's jealousy won't interfere or cause drama? That is another topic that I will talk about below. Madison brought her sister on the boat. Paulie and Juliette's best friend Hannah was there too. Alex was showing extra care towards Madisson. I was just waiting for Juliette to throw Madison off the boat.

Madisson and Alex went on a tube ride off the boat and Juliette said that she is trying hard for it to not bother her. She did, however, confront Alex and said why would you invite your ex-girlfriend? Alex is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Brandon than found out Madisson was on the boat with Alex.

He and Carson jet skied to where they were.

The boat was coming back to the shore and everyone was shocked to see Brandon. Madisson was not ready to see him. She told Alex to tell him how she felt. I was thinking, this is going to go over good. Ex-boyfriend telling possible still boyfriend or another ex how a girl they both love feels. I was expecting a fight for sure.

Shocker - there was no fight! There was no escape so Bradison had to talk and see if there will still be a Bradison. Brandon tried to say his peace and apologize. He said it was a mistake and what he did was wrong. He loves her and is in love with her, the other girl meant nothing. He didn't want to lose the love of his life over a girl that meant nothing.

You can tell Madisson was struggling to hear all of this and after a moment she responded. She said that she couldn't handle that, she could no longer be with him. Goodbye Brandon. I know she loves him and in the heat of the moment she broke up with him but, it is "Siesta Key." Who knows what will happen in later episodes. Will she remain strong and stay away from Brandon or will her love eventually take him back? Goodbye to Bradison for now.

The love of Juliette and Alex is drama and toxic

The favorite drama couple on "Siesta Key" is Alex and Juliette. Since day one these two have caused so much drama, it makes perfect sense why they would be perfect for each other. No one likes them together because they like to stir up the drama.

What would a reality show be without the drama?

Alex has cheated on Juliette before with newcomer Kelsey. It was rough for Juliette. Instead of wallowing in hurt she goes for revenge. I think she is the revenge queen. She got together with Garrett, which is Kelsey's ex-boyfriend! She purposely got together with him to get revenge, but then she started to like him. The relationship went sour with Garrett and she cheated on him with Alex. I believe Juliette's first true love was Alex. She fell hard for him. Just like Madisson, it is hard to let go.

Who knows how long Madisson and Brandon will be apart, but it wasn't long of a separation for Alex and Juliette. Even though her friends and what has happened in the past was telling her to not get with Alex, she gave in.

She can't help who she loves. They both have made bad decisions in the past and believe things will be different.

It is Siesta Key and we know some sort of drama will brew. Some of that drama stems from her best friend Hannah. She does not like Alex and makes it clear to Juliette that she is making the wrong decision. Juliette is a jealous girl so we will see how long before she flips out on Alex. Especially now that he is trying to cheer up his ex-girlfriend Madisson.

MTV, you sure know how to put a group of people together to put on an entertaining show. Alex is not happy with Hannah and thinks that she has no right to get into their business. Her relationship with her boyfriend is nowhere near perfect.

I sense in the next episode there will be a confrontation with Hannah telling her to back off. At the end of the episode, Alex and Juliette are in the hot tub and talking about Hannah. Juliette comes to Hannah's defense and you can feel the hot tension and not just the hot tub water. What will go down? Maybe we will find out in the next episode.

Carson does not have a chance out of the friend zone with Kelsey

Then there is the constant tension between Garrett and Kelsey. Kelsey cheated on Garrett with none other than Alex. They broke up and Garrett got together with Juliette. Let's just say that got toxic and happened for all the wrong reasons.

So now Garrett and Kelsey are both single but Garrett doesn't want to be preoccupied with Kelsey.

You can tell that he still loves her. He is cautious of getting hurt with her again. When they are together you can see the chemistry. On this episode, Garrett helps out a charity. He invites Kelsey to come to it. He is in an auction to help raise money for charity. The person that wins will have him wash their car. Sounds simple right? Well, MTV decides to introduce a new person -Nicole.

She seems very into Garrett. She starts flirting with him and Kelsey watches from afar. She obviously gets jealous and doesn't like the attention Nicole is giving Garrett. Nicole won the auction to have Garrett wash her car. You can see the disappointment on Kelsey's face. Kelsey then walks over to Garrett and says that she is leaving.

She suggests that Garrett come home with her. He is very hesitant. She is getting frustrated and says its a simple yes or no. Garrett obviously is thinking about Nicole as he is a single guy. Kelsey does a countdown and he doesn't answer. She gets pissed and leaves.

You can clearly tell that Kelsey still has feelings for Garrett. It was her mistake that ruined that relationship. Later in the show, she is with Carson, who clearly wants to get out of the friend zone with her. He really likes her and asks her if she would want to be more than friends. Kelsey gave him the "I am still in love with Garrett" speech and I don't want to send you the wrong signals. She has been giving him the wrong signals those past few episodes.

Why do you think he wants to be more than friends?! While this was going on Garrett was fulfilling his auction duties. Nicole wasted no time in asking him to remove his shirt while washing his car, then proceeded to ask him out for drinks later. They went to have drinks and got to know each other. She is a little bit older than him but Garrett doesn't mind one bit. He makes it clear that he is single. I wonder what Kelsey will think of this brewing relationship? Where will Carson go from here? Will he give up or will he keep pursuing Kelsey? So many questions to answer in the next episodes to come.

Until next time in the "Siesta Key."