Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that "The Young and the Restless" will be pulling out all the stops for their upcoming 45th anniversary. Mal Young has been the head writer for close to six months now and is keeping his word in terms of giving the fans can't miss episodes. This time he has really pulled a coupe by having original cast members Janice Lynde, Meg Bennett, and Jamie Lyn Bauer come back to Genoa City for this milestone. They will reprise their roles as Lorie and Leslie Brooks, along with Julia Newman, and other former cast members will be on hand to make this special occasion memorable.

Lorie, Leslie, and Julia have ties to Victor

Each of the three women reprising their roles has a connection to Victor Newman. Julia Newman was his first wife but had an affair. When she became pregnant Victor assumed the child was not his. because he had a vasectomy. Julia later miscarried her baby after falling down a flight of stairs. It was then determined that the child indeed belonged to the Newman patriarch, but his wife left town. She has, however, returned to Genoa City several times over the years. It also became known that Victor could help save her company from a hostile takeover by the man who Lorie was in love with at the time.

Lorie Brooks left town after she had an affair with Victor while he was with Nikki.

There was a last-ditch attempt to make it look as if they were still involved but Nikki and Victor did not fall for it. Lorie's sister Leslie had a mental breakdown and dealt with many obstacles. She also moved away from her hometown but returned to Genoa City to sing at the first wedding of Victor and Nikki.

'Y&R' is bringing back additional former Genoa City residents

In addition to the Brooks sisters and Victor's former wife "The Young and the Restless" is also bringing back at least three more former residents of Genoa City. Mac, Raul, and Brittany are all slated to show up for the 45th anniversary of the show. Mac (Kelly Kruger) is currently divorcing J.T., who has moved in with former wife Victoria. He could possibly reconcile with Mackenzie and leave town with her.

Raul (David Lago) and Brittany (Lauren Woodland) are also making their way back to Genoa City. Nothing has been said yet as to how they will interact or for how long they will be in town. Spoilers suggest that there may be other announcements regarding former cast members coming back to "Y&R" so stay tuned for updates.