Just days ago, Courtland Rogers took aim at David Eason on Twitter, calling out Jenelle Evans' husband for his offensive homophobic Twitter rant. Now, he's sitting in a jail cell. The former "Teen Mom 2" husband was reportedly busted for drug use again.

According to Radar Online, Courtland Rogers was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. As "Teen Mom 2" fans know, this isn't Courtland's first run-in with the law. It's also not the first time he's been busted for drugs.

Courtland Rogers in jail

It was learned that Courtland is currently being held without bail.

According to the report, Jenelle's ex-husband was arrested on Thursday and was being held for "possession with intent to manufacture/sell a schedule III controlled substance." He is also being charged with a parole violation. Courltnad's next scheduled court date is February 26.

What drugs Courtland Rogers had in his possession and how much hasn't been shared yet. However, it's worth noting that several prescription medications fall under the schedule III umbrella such as codeine, many different steroids, and some barbiturates (sedatives and sleep-inducing drugs.)

Courtland is currently being held in North Carolina in the Brunswick County Jail until his hearing on Monday. It's not clear yet if we can expect to see Courtland back out on the street after the hearing but right now, it's not looking good for him.

Courtland's extensive arrest history

Jenelle Evans' ex-husband has a history of drug-related arrests spanning over several years. Back in 2015, he was arrested and charged with four felonies after being caught in possession of heroin. Just a year before, a video of Rogers surfaced and in it, he was seen injecting himself with a substance.

In addition to the list of drug charges in Courtland's past, he's also previously been arrested for failure to appear in court and felony larceny after he was caught trying to pawn stolen jewelry.

Courtland Rogers made plenty of appearances on "Teen Mom 2" with Jenelle Evans years ago before they ended their relationship. Jenelle and Courtland got married in December 2012 after only three months of dating.

It didn't take long for the former couple to start hitting snags. Just one month into the marriage. Courtland told Jenelle on Twitter that he wanted a divorce, which she filed for just months later.

The former spouses' marriage ended nearly two years later after Courtland apparently changed his mind and tried to stall. It was learned when Jenelle Evans and David Eason started dating that Courtland and David were actually cellmates when they were both incarcerated, which is part of the reason Courtland spoke out against David when he was busy causing trouble on Twitter recently.