Josiah Duggar recently shared that he is in a courtship with Lauren Swanson. In Touch Weekly shared about how Josiah just can't stop talking about how great this girl is that he has found. This is his second courtship, but it really does sound like it is going to work this time around for Josiah. Lauren and Josiah always look happy when they post things together.

Josiah doesn't hold back

The Couple was really close to each other during the trip to the Waiouru Army Museum in New Zealand. At this time, they hadn't shared all of the details about their relationship.

When you are courting, you can't kiss, hug or even really touch each other, but Josiah and Lauren were seen getting very close.

Josiah Duggar has been going to his Instagram and sharing pictures of them. Normally you don't get an Instagram until you are in a relationship, but he got his when he was courting Marjorie Jackson and was never forced to take it down. One picture showed them on FaceTime together and he said, "Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a talker. ☺️ But now I love being a listener, too. ❤️ #facetimewiththebest." The fans do wonder if they have a chaperone while they are on FaceTime with each other. More than likely, there is someone in the room when they do it.

There is one picture of these two walking on the beach and their hands are almost touching.

It looks like they are ready to hold hands, but with the Duggar courtship rules, it just can't happen yet. If they have taken the step to getting engaged, then they haven't told any of the fans about it just yet.

What is next for this couple?

Seeing that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson were friends first, it wouldn't be shocking at all if an engagement came soon.

Some couples actually court longer than others and it doesn't seem like these two will be courting for long. The fans are expecting a proposal before long.

The new season of "Counting On" is coming and the fans will finally get to see Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar together. They haven't aired any of Lauren on the show yet and the fans are really looking forward to it.

Everyone will enjoy getting to know Lauren and seeing these two together.

Are you shocked to hear that Josiah Duggar has such great things to say about Lauren Swanson? Do you think that an engagement is already on the way? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they start airing on TLC later this month.