No matter how much he loved Jenelle Evans and proclaimed it whenever he got a chance, things didn't work out for the "Teen Mom 2" stars. Things didn't turn out all bad for Courtland Rogers the way it did for some of her exes, though. It turns out that Courtland managed to move on, find love again and even get remarried.

Back in December, "The Ex Files" looked back over Jenelle Evans' tumultuous love life and checked in on the men she has dated and married in the past. While Jenelle's relationship with Courtland was riddled with problems, it seems that he might be one of her most stable exes now.

Especially if you consider the recent arrest of Keiffer Delp, who apparently thought setting up a meth lab would be a good idea. It wasn't and he got busted.

Courtland and Jenelle

Jenelle Evans' marriage to Courtland Rogers was dysfunctional, to say the least. Even though they were filming "Teen Mom 2," there was never much of their marriage and interaction with each other to show on network television. That could be due to the alleged drug use and abuse that was going on. with someone else.

Keep in mind that when Jenelle and Courtland were married, both of them got new mugshots. With arrests for assault and possession, it's pretty clear that Jenelle and her ex-husband were not good for each other.

Ultimately, Courtland ended up serving some serious jail time. While he was gone, Jenelle Evans moved on and found love q

When Courtland Rogers was released from prison in May 2017, he made it clear that he wanted Jenelle back. She was already wrapped up in someone else so it didn't happen. It didn't take long for Courtland to find love again and move on himself.

Jenelle Evans' ex-husband moves on

Soon after earning back his freedom, Courtland started dating Lindzie Frazier. Despite only months together, Lindzie announced that she was pregnant with Courtland's baby in October and from there, it was a race to the altar. Lindzie, who made it official that the new-ish couple is expecting a baby boy, announced that they were married on January 12.

Courtland's new wife tweeted a picture of their marriage certificate as proof of their nuptials and wrote, "Waiting for our son. Couldn’t be more happier with my husband" in another tweet right after. Based on the date listed on their marriage license, Lindzie and Courtland were married on January 9.

The arrival of Lindzie and Courtland Rogers new son will make him a dad for the second time. While Courtland doesn't have any children with "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans, he does share a child with ex Taylor Lewis.