Courtland Rogers has spoken out about his feelings regarding Jenelle Evans having an abortion when their relationship was ending. The two were married in 2012 and divorced in 2014, but so much happened in that short time. According to Courtland, the two were not "in their right minds."

How did he get out early?

Courtland Rogers was released from prison on March 18, after reaching an agreement for parole on a heroin charge and a habitual offender charge, that was supposed to keep him behind bars for the full term of his sentence. In a recent interview with Radar Online, Courtland said that he has no regrets.

At the time, he respected what Jenelle Evans wanted. He went on to say that looking back; he has no idea what might have happened if they had the baby.

For the sake of a timeframe, remember that Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans had a tumultuous relationship that landed them both in jail in 2013. They were locked up for heroin and a domestic dispute. Jace, who was about 3-years-old, was signed over to Jenelle's mother, Barbara, while she battled her legal problems. After the end of the marriage to Rogers, she had a son, Kaiser, with Nathan Griffith just months later in 2014. Her youngest child is a daughter, Ensley, born earlier this year to her and current fiance, David Eason.

Courtland Rogers has spoken with Radar Online before.

When he first got out of prison, they asked him how he felt about his ex-wife. He openly admitted that he isn't against the idea of giving things another shot. Rogers had said that if he had loved her that much while being so strung out on drugs, how much more could he have loved her without the influence of them. That doesn't mean that he will try to interfere with Jenelle's life and relationship with David.

Courtland thinks they look happy together and in the end, that is what matters. He wants to see his ex-wife happy.

He has a daughter to raise.

As for what's next for Courtland Rogers, whatever it is, he won't be in front of a "Teen Mom" franchise camera. With no children connecting him to his ex-wife, there won't be a reason to have him on the show.

He should be busy with his own baby mama drama, however. Courtland has a daughter, Jordan, with Taylor Lewis, who has a lengthy criminal history herself. She shares his history of being in and out of jail.

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans finds herself in the spotlight quite a bit lately. The very public custody battle over Jace was settled in mediation, but the battle between mother and daughter continue.