Catelynn Lowell has been in rehab for over a month this time. She initially entered the program back in November after revealing she had been struggling with suicidal thoughts. Lowell talked about the issue minimally, saying she had thought of every way to end her life. Since then, Tyler Baltierra has been taking care of their daughter, Novalee on his own. Catelynn returned home for the holidays but after only a few days back, she announced she would be headed back to treatment again.

Husband and wife reunite

This week was the family week at the treatment facility where Catelynn Lowell has been.

Tyler Baltierra revealed that he was headed there for the week with their daughter. Family sessions are important, especially when it comes to working on building a mentally healthy relationship or marriage. Baltierra hasn't said much while he spent the week in Arizona, but finally, some photos have been shared with their fans on social media.

Tyler Baltierra has been a huge support for Catelynn Lowell through her mental health journey. The two shared the same photo on their Instagram pages, but with different captions. Their love is something that has stood the test of time. After dealing with putting their first child up for adoption and battling through life's obstacles, they eventually married.

Catelynn and Tyler share their daughter, Novalee together. She is three and after she was born, Lowell was hit with postpartum depression really hard. That was chronicled on “Teen Mom OG” as well.

The rumored cause of Catelynn's fall

Right now, “Teen Mom OG” is currently airing a brand new season. Fans have seen Catelynn Lowell find out she is expecting.

This was something the couple had talked about in depth, but there was concern over battling postpartum depression again. Ultimately, she decided to remove her birth control and became pregnant immediately. Rumors have been swirling that Lowell suffered a miscarriage sometime after Halloween. This would coincide with her rehab stay back in November and would make sense because prior to that, she had been doing well.

The couple has not yet confirmed the miscarriage, but the pregnancy announcement and them telling their parents is currently airing.

It is currently up in the air whether or not the couple will film the “Teen Mom OG” reunion. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have shown up for everything and have shared their lives with fans, but this event has left them broken. An official decision has not yet been made, but fans hope they will return to share their story.