The "Teen Mom OG" reunion is coming up in just a couple of weeks and viewers are wondering what might happen when stars of the MTV hit are face to face on stage together. Except for the Season 7 reunion, it looks like Catelyn Lowell might not be there to tell her side of the story.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Catelynn may be skipping the "Teen Mom OG" reunion to avoid the drama and stress involved with the wrap-up show. Considering that she would be fresh out of rehab at the time of the taping, that might be a good idea.

Catelynn to skip the 'Teen Mom' reunion?

“The reunion will be filming the first weekend in March for two days,” a source told Us Weekly. “The reunions are always extremely emotional and grueling.”

With all of the reality stars sharing a stage, the "Teen Mom OG" reunions are always full of drama and Season 7 is not going to be any different. With a recent Twitter feud between Tyler Baltierra and Simon Saran, things were said that will certainly be revisited on set. Catelynn's name was dragged into that battle. With this possibly being Farrah Abraham's last reunion show, both of them might just want to go out with a bang.

Right now, Catelynn is still in a rehab center in Arizona on her rebound trip.

She had only been home for about three weeks from a previous visit to the facility before announcing that she would return for further treatment. Back in November, Catelynn told fans that she sought treatment after having some scary suicidal thoughts. When she returned in January, it was reported that she was working through some childhood trauma.

The last thing Catelynn needs upon exiting rehab is to walk into more stress and drama.

“Catelynn’s appearance is still very much up in the air and will be determined much closer to the date, even as late as the day before,” the source said. “Her treatment team will decide if she should go."

It looks like they are taking Catelynn Lowell's mental health very seriously.

But what about Tyler Baltierra?

With the "Teen Mom OG" reunion filming in New York City, those who do attend will have to take a trip to the Big Apple. With Catelynn Lowell's mental health possibly keeping her home, will Tyler Baltierra represent them both?

There is sure to be a back and forth between Tyler and Simon if he shows up to the "Teen Mom" reunion show taping. Considering the ratings boost that a tense showdown between the men would bring, you can bet that MTV is going to want to make that happen.

Tyler Baltierra recently broke down on camera and told his fans that he was having a hard day as he took care of his daughter and waited for Caitlyn to finish treatment. He's been dealing with a lot in her absence, from simply taking over caring for Novalee in Catelynn's absence to a blind item cheating rumor that turned into a Simon Saran feud.

It's not surprising that things have been getting heavy for Tyler lately.

With Catelynn Lowell possibly choosing her mental health over the "Teen Mom OG" reunion show taping, will Tyler Baltierra be there? No matter what production decides to do, the Season 7 reunion show will definitely be worth watching!