"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Andre DiMera's murderer is the last person that viewers would think to suspect. That's right, the identity of Andre's killer is more shocking than anyone could have imagined, and the story behind the alleged killing will stun viewers of the NBC soap opera.

Andre's death storyline is about to get even crazier

According to the latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers and rumors, it seems that Andre's killer may actually be his beloved sister-in-law, Abigail Deveraux-DiMera (Marci Miller). "DOOL" fans will remember that Abby is the person who found Andre's dead body in his office.

Andre died due to head injuries he suffered after he was beaten to death with the urn of his late twin brother, Tony DiMera. Currently, Abigail is not even on the radar for police investigating the murder, but it seems that she could really be the person to blame for the murder. It seems that Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) is the main suspect for the Salem Police Department.

Is Gabi really to blame for Andre's murder?

As "Days of our Lives" viewers know, Gabi was upset with Andre at the time of the murder. Andre had fired her from DiMera Enterprises and then stole her company from underneath her. Gabi is seen on security footage angrily punching the wall outside of Andre's office. However, new footage is now incriminating her even further.

Rafe and Eli recently found video of what appears to be Gabi entering Andre's office later in the day, and then leaving with the lid to Tony's urn, which was not found at the murder scene. While Gabi's face is not seen in the video, it appears to be her, and the person is even wearing Gabi's designer coat.

Abigail's mental illness reaches new heights?

While it looks really bad for Gabi, "Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that the person caught on tape is not Gabi, but Abigail. The latest "DOOL" rumors reveal that Abby's mental illness is to blame for her killing Andre. The theory states that Abby has a split personality disorder that caused her to dress up like Gabi, and take on her personality.

Abigail was engulfed in Gabi's personality when she reportedly killed Andre DiMera. If these rumors are true, it would be completely shocking to see Abigail's mental illness reach this level. Also, if Abby has been taking on other people's personalities, who knows what she may have done before killing Andre. Only time will tell if Abigail is revealed to be the murderer.