"Game of Thrones" has a reputation for killing its major characters and yet in Season 7 we saw almost none of that. With the exception of Littlefinger, every other important player was able to survive. But that's all about to change in Season 8. The Great War is coming and so is War for the Iron Throne, and that means a lot of unexpected deaths.

However, not every death will be totally unexpected as some of them were heavily foreshadowed throughout the series. Such was the case with Varys' death in "Game of Thrones" Season 7. It is said that Varys will die if he ever betrays Daenerys.

And according to today's theory, he already did. Let's explain.

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 plot leak hints at Varys' betrayal

To recall, last year the entire plot for "Game of Thrones" Season 7 was leaked online long before the filming even started. And it turned out to be completely true. There were, however, two scenes that didn't happen. The first one reads that Cersei will wake up in a bed of blood, meaning that she will have a miscarriage. But you probably know that by now. The other one is far more interesting, and it involves Varys.

According to the plot leak, Varys was supposed to meet with one of his "little birds" after the Dragonpit meeting. She told him that Qyburn is giving them candy every time they feed him information to which Varys replied that having two friends is even better than having just one.

Given the fact that the plot leak was completely true, it stands the reason to believe that these two scenes were supposed to happen as well. They just didn't make the final cut. It is our belief that Cersei's miscarriage was simply moved and we will see it happen in the very first episode of Season 8. And Varys' scene was cut because they wanted his betrayal to surprise everyone.

It should be noted that this meeting doesn't necessarily confirm his betrayal, but according to today's theory, it will lead to his death.

Varys' death and the voice in the flames mystery

Varys' eventual death was heavily foreshadowed in "Game of Thrones" Season 7. The first time when Daenerys warned Varys that she will burn him alive if he ever betrays her.

And then when Melisandre straight up told him that he needs to die in this strange country of Westeros, just like she does.

However, Melisandre isn't the only "red woman" who freaked Varys out. The other one is Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, who told Varys that she knows what the voice in the flames said, but that he has nothing to fear as long as he stays loyal to Daenerys.

To recall, Varys was mutilated as a child, and when sorcerer tossed his parts in the fire, the flames turned blue, and the voice spoke to him. These words still haunt Varys, and that's why he was so scared when Kinvara reminded him of that night.

This was clearly a blood magic ritual, the voice from the flames was that of the Lord of Light, and according to this theory, the voice told Varys that one day he would be burned alive by a dragon.

Varys' fate in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

According to YouTube user Talking Thrones, once he finds out that the Night King is on his way to Winterfell riding the dragon that breaths Blue Flame, Varys will flee the North, afraid that he will be burned alive by that same dragon, just like the voice said. He would then go straight to King's Landing to join Cersei's cause.

But once Jon and Daenerys defeat the Army of the Dead, they would come as well, and that's when Daenerys will have Varys burned alive by one of her dragons because of his betrayal. And that's how his actions would ultimately lead to his death.

For more details on this theory check out Talking Thrones' video below.