It is no secret that Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus are friendly. They are both outcasts from the “Teen Mom 2” cast, and naturally, they formed a bond. During the reunion taping last season, the two vocalized support for one another on social media. They have been spotted liking each other's tweets and responding to one another. Evans and DeJesus have now become the targets of some unhappy MTV viewers.

Gun photo

Jenelle Evans has fans heated over a recent photo that was shared of her by her husband, David Eason. The photograph featured the “Teen Mom 2” star holding a gun.

Her husband was fawning over her, and of course, they posted it as the Florida massacre was happening. After the couple received several outraged tweets, Evans' only response was simply “bad timing.” Fans have been very vocal about how distasteful this was, and being that it was Jenelle, it made things worse.

Briana DeJesus is under fire for a similar reason, though her misguided social media faux pas is a few weeks old. When Logan Paul was suspended from YouTube for the suicide forest footage, the “Teen Mom 2” star vocalized her desire to visit the landmark. This sparked outrage immediately, especially from viewers who had been following her regularly.

DeJesus has taken a lot of criticism for her recent decisions. She was briefly dating Javi Marroquin and was with him when she commented about the suicide forest.

Petition to fire girls

Now, “Teen Mom 2” fans have taken it upon themselves to get involved. According to OK! Magazine, there is a petition being circulated that is asking MTV to fire Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans.

While the reasons are mentioned above, the comments are more in-depth about the situation. It looks like the viewers consider both women to be irresponsible and are worried about their influence on other young women. This is definitely not the first time either mom has come under fire, but together, things are much worse. DeJesus and Evans seem to be banding together against the other cast members.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Jenelle Evans or Briana DeJesus respond to the accusations. They both live in their own world for the most part, unless they are engaged on social media with some drama. Kailyn Lowry seems to be a point of contention for both of them. In fact, they are both beefing with their co-star on Twitter. Another day, another “Teen Mom 2” drama in the books.