Jenelle Evans recently parted ways with Blue Apron. It was a big deal earlier this week, especially when it was revealed the company had dumped the “Teen Mom 2” star because of several complaints via social media over the weekend. Evans had remained quiet on the subject until she decided to respond to a story that People ran. Of course, things happened differently according to Jenelle.

She fired Blue Apron

In an effort to prove her point, Jenelle Evans shared several screenshots on Twitter about how she parted ways with Blue Apron. She claims that she ended the relationship with the company when she found out Kailyn Lowry was also being used as a spokesperson.

This is because the two don't get along and Evans has been accused of stealing several ideas from Lowry. She figured it would happen again in this context and decided to not even chance it. Jenelle wants nothing to do with Kail.

There has been a big back and forth between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry for years. The two have always tried to one-up the other, though most of the time Kail was ahead of Jenelle. “Teen Mom 2” reunions have definitely shown the animosity, and now, the two are mortal enemies. Jenelle has talked about Kail's “black baby,” and Kail has commented on Jenelle's wedding. There is even a cease and desist between these two filed by Evans, though Lowry didn't really react when she received hers.

They were sent to several “Teen Mom 2” cast members.

David steps in

David Eason popped in to help his wife with the conflict. Jenelle Evans usually calls David in for backup when she feels outnumbered. He tends to “handle” the situation and she gets to feel like she has a knight in shining armor. Eason retweeted several negative stories about Blue Apron along with what Jenelle had said.

Since then, Evans' tweets have been removed. Interestingly enough, this is typical Jenelle fashion. David stepped in to make sure she was being treated right and when things went south, the duo decided to just retweet the negative.

It will be interesting when “Teen Mom 2” starts airing a new season and the cast talks about it on social media.

Jenelle Evans may believe she has people fooled by saying she fired Blue Apron, but most believe the business cut ties with her. Evans doesn't say no to money. Kailyn Lowry was likely Evans' replacement, which is more ironic than they probably knew. Fans are laughing at the competition between the two and how this worked out.