David Eason recently went private on Twitter. Jenelle Evans was super excited that her husband was joining the social media network, but he quickly locked his tweets. If you had followed him prior, his tweets would still be visible. Eason and Evans are a controversial couple, one that has garnered a lot of negative press over the last several months. From their wedding to their fights, “Teen Mom 2” has shown us everything.

Controversy hits Jenelle and David

Last week, David Eason was slammed for posting a photo of Jenelle Evans looking sultry while holding a rifle.

This was done right at the same time the shooting happened in Florida. It was poor timing, and that is all Evans could say when the couple was harassed. Eason was not shy about his views, which is also around the same time he went private. Since then, he has been showing his support for pro-gun websites and fellow Twitter users. There have also been several tweets about Trump posted.

It looks like David Eason caused a bit more controversy earlier today. According to the Ashley, he posted a series of homophobic and transphobic tweets. It isn't really obvious why Eason went the direction he did, but it is clear where he stands.

Aside from his already abrasive attitude, he is now igniting a battle with the lgbtq community. Jenelle Evans is a well-known name associated with MTV and now, that could cause issues.

Constant battles

As if everything they have been through isn't enough, David Eason added fuel to the fire. 2018 has been bumpy for them. It started with the “Teen Mom” special that was filmed earlier this year.

Eason was accused of wielding a knife, though Evans says those reports were greatly exaggerated. Now, there is Twitter beef happening between the couple, mostly focusing on Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. It appears that every time something happens for one of the franchise stars, Evans tries to outdo them.

There are a lot of unhappy viewers right now.

David Eason opened up a world of hurt with those tweets. MTV is being asked to drop them, and with homophobic and transphobic issues, it is a possibility. Of course, both will use their freedom of speech rights. “Teen Mom” viewers are always vocal and there is already a petition circulating to have Jenelle Evans fired. If pressed hard enough, MTV could buckle. They are supposed to be a diverse show, but with the bad press, there could be irreparable damage done.