Spoiler alerts from Soap Hub are promising that quite a few people in Geona City will have their lives turned upside down this week. On "The Young and the Restless" Phyllis will insert herself even deeper into Chelsea, and Nick's orbit while Devon and Hilary deal with the fallout of her many deceptions. Victoria and J.T. will encounter difficult situations and Mariah and Sharon both will receive some pretty earth-shattering news. Things are heating up as Melissa Claire Egan's last days are drawing nigh and her exit will affect many of her associates.

Chelsea is the root of many Genoa City problems

Many of the issues in genoa city right now are a result of Chelsea's conniving ways. On Monday she convinced Nick to immediately begin adoption proceedings so that they both will be mother and father legally to Conner and Christian. Spoilers say that she believes she is in the driver's seat and is figuring out how to proceed in order to keep her secrets. Phyllis and Sharon however, have decided to work together to obtain a DNA test to find out if Nick or Adam is Christian's dad. Soap Hub indicates Sharon will get a shock this week and it could be the results of the paternity test. If spoilers are correct then all their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Rejection, horrible news and risky behavior are in store

Spoilers indicate that J.T. is going to engage in some type of risky behavior and Victoria will be shocked about something. There is no indication however if the two are related. Hilary will be heartbroken because Devon rejects her desire to reunite. He made it clear on Monday that he wants nothing from her except that she honor their business agreement.

Ms. Curtis will probably try to wear him down as she just told him she still cares. Finding out she is not pregnant via in-vitro, and her ex-rejecting her on the same day is a bit much. Mariah is going to ask Devon some questions and later she will receive horrible news but Soap Hub does not say what it will be.

New head writer Mal Young has promised and delivered must see Y&R" episodes that viewers don't want to miss.

Soap Hub promises this will definitely be one of those weeks. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS. Be sure to catch every show this week to keep up with Devon and Hilary and Victoria and J.T. Watch for spoilers to find out ahead of time what Phyllis, Sharon, Nick, and Chelsea are up to, and how Ms. Lawson says her final goodbye. This promises to be an exciting week as bad decisions and reckless behavior invade Genoa City.