David Eason angered a lot of people with his homophobic Twitter rant. It was so bad that MTV released a statement to distance themselves from Jenelle Evans' husband on Tuesday Night (Feb. 20). They announced that despite having six weeks of filming left for "Teen Mom 2," Eason was fired effective immediately.

Now, as the dust settles and many continue to wonder what will happen with Jenelle Evans, stars of the popular series are starting to share their own reactions to the shocking news. We already know how many of them feel because they led the campaign on social media to get MTV to do something.

Javi Marroquin was unusually quiet during the commotion but now, he's speaking up too.

About last night

After all of the David Eason Twitter drama, "Teen Mom 2" fans are eager to see how the other stars of the show react. Javi Marroquin even jumped on Twitter late on Tuesday night to make a brief comment to his followers to acknowledge that he's receiving many messages about David's firing.

"Go to bed at 815...randomly wake up to 12 texts about all this madness," Javi tweeted. "See Mtv came out with a statement. Told y’all Twitter is poppin after 10. Back to bed I go thooo."

It turns out that wasn't all Javi had to say about the matter.

after getting enough rest, the "Teen Mom 2" dad did return with an exclusive statement to Blasting News about the situation and his feelings about it.

Javi also distances himself

Javi wanted to make it clear that, even before all of the Twitter drama, he and David Eason were not close. Although they were both featured on "Teen Mom 2," fans know that not everyone gets along.

While Briana DeJesus is friends with Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry and her group of friends from the show don't associate with Jenelle or David at all.

“Honestly with how society is these days, you never know the extremity a person will go to," Javi explained. "I'm glad MTV handled it."

Javi also took the time to explain why this particular issue is such a deal breaker for him.

Don't forget that Javi's best friend is a lesbian. Obviously, he doesn't have an issue with homosexuality and has been supportive of her in the past.

"My best friend is a lesbian and even if we don't talk as much," Javi continued. "I'll have her back and won't support anyone who makes comments that way. Me and him were never friends so his opinion kinda doesn't matter to me honestly. There's plenty of people out there that feel the same way he does. I just don't associate myself with people with those beliefs.”

So far, it looks like the show will go on without David Eason. Many "Teen Mom 2" stars are happy to see him go.