Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been really friendly lately and it's got a lot of "Teen Mom 2" fans wondering if they're going to get back together. So when they hopped on Instagram Live together on Thursday night, one of the first things fans asked was, "When are you getting back together?"

Former 'Teen Mom' stars still flirty

Just like previous reports have suggested, Leah and Jeremy really seem to be getting along great. It's not really clear why they decided to hop on IG Live to broadcast their latest chat. They didn't really seem to have anything planned to say.

Instead, it looked more like the two were bored and decided to stir up some more reconciliation rumors. Someone even suggested that they go Facetime with each other since they weren't answering many of the questions posed by fans and obviously were enjoying each other way too much.

It seemed that the former married couple was just too busy poking fun at each other in the most flirtatious way. Leah was on her second glass of wine and admitted that she was feeling pretty good. Jeremy made fun of his former wife for being "s**t faced" while she defended herself, claiming that she hadn't even finished her second glass of wine yet.

After ignoring the first few suggestions that they should get back together, Leah teased that Jeremy Calvert wanted to get back together.

That's when he said that it was actually Leah who wanted to be a couple again and then both just giggled. They are clearly having a lot of fun.

Then, when someone commented about Leah's supposed plastic surgery, she got offended and said she hasn't even had plastic surgery, although "boobs would be nice." That's when Jeremy chimed in, saying he wants to "get plastic surgery for some abs."

The whole conversation, which was lengthy, was lighthearted and fun.

There's clearly no drama between Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert and it's safe to say that they have great chemistry.

Should Leah and Jeremy get back together?

This latest IG Live chat is just another example of Leah and Jeremy being able to enjoy each other. Just days ago, the "Teen Mom 2" exes went out to dinner together, stoking up even more rumors.

They shared photos of the dinner on social media and naturally, fans started talking about them getting back together.

It turns out that the former "Teen Mom 2" couple was actually filming for the show. Jeremy revealed one of the cameramen standing behind them in a photo he shared on Snapchat.

Leah and Jeremy were married from 2012 to 2015 and have a five-year-old daughter together. With chemistry as strong as theirs, it wouldn't be too shocking if they did announce that they were trying to make things work again. Do you think Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert should give their love one more try?