"Shameless" fans are already missing their Sunday night fix of the popular Showtime series. However, the series will return to Showtime for Season 9. So what can we expect from the Gallaghers in Season 9?

Is Season 9 the end?

Many fans expressed that they felt "Shameless" was a little slow and off, in Season 8, until the two last episodes. However, fans are hoping that Season 9 will kick off with a bang and take us directly into the full-on Gallagher dysfunction that we have all grown to love and expect. Obviously, Season 8 of Shameless was focused on each of the Gallagher family members attempting to better their lives.

But we all know that doesn't appear to have worked out well, for any involved.

The future of the Gallagher family

The Season 8 finale left us all with a lot of questions and high hopes for Season 9. While things look pretty hopeful for Fiona and Ford, this may be the door opening that everyone has been hoping for — Jimmy/Steve's return.

Lip's future also looks promising — or is it too good to be true? Lip is hardcore searching for love, even if he doesn't know it yet. Of all the girls he has ever been involved with, Mandy was really the only one who cared enough about him to stay by his side.

She put her own feelings behind his. Maybe he will return on his motorcycle, with Mandy by his side, in Season 9.

Though she is a Milkovich, she is not the Milkovich that fans want to see return to the Southside.

Ian is off to jail, for the past few final episodes, Ian has been exhibiting signs that he is teetering on the edge of a bipolar episode. As previously reported, writers promised that Ian's storyline would likely upset fans so much — they expected hate mail.

Ian was involved in a controversial storyline, but to the point of hate, didn't see it. Chances are that most of Ian's Season 9 story could take place in jail. This could add some big plot openings for a reunion with Mickey, or a major breakdown during a high profile trial and a possible suicide attempt?

Debbie is at a tough spot in her life.

She is a young single mom, who is having a hard time. Her quest for a man to take care of her and be a father to Frannie is at a standstill. Look for more chaos and confusion with Debs.

Liam is growing up and he wants to live a different life than he has, one like his new rich prep school pals have. After having a taste of the good life, he is seeing now that his life is not so great. Will he turn on his dysfunctional family in hopes his friend's family will adopt him?

Frank Gallagher, — what is left for Frank to do? As far as extreme dysfunction goes, Frank Gallagher has just about done it all. Fans would love to see Frank and Sheila reconnect. Sheila could return to Chicago, a drunken, drugged out mess and Frank could make it his mission to save her so she doesn't end up becoming another Monica.

Most of these potential spoilers, at this point, are mere speculation as no-one really knows, yet, just which direction the Gallagher family will go in Season 9. Filming is set to start this Spring with projections for a late October/early November Season 9 start date.

What would you like to see take place in Season 9 of "Shameless?"