"Once Upon a Time" ended a six-year run with a potential series finale, but what surprised fans more was its renewal for a seventh season. ABC has now decided to end the fairy tale drama with the current season. The new season is regarded as a reboot, following an adult Henry, his wife and daughter, new cursed identities, and a new town.

The reboot season also came with several cast changes with only Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, and Lana Parrilla returning. Original cast members have appeared throughout: Jared S. Gilmore appeared in the first couple of episodes while Jennifer Morrison made her return in episode 2, and Emilie de Ravin in episode 4.

Currently, fans can enjoy the presence of Rebecca Mader whose expected to be around for a lot of episodes.

Season 7 also stars Andrew J. West as Henry Mills, Dania Ramirez as Ella/Jacinda, Gabrielle Anwar as Victoria Belfrey/Lady Tremaine, Alison Fernandez as Lucy, Mekia Cox as Tiana/Sabine, Adelaide Kane as Drizella/Ivy, and Rose Reynolds as Alice/Tilly.

EPs share cancelation news

Edward Kitsis teases to EW that ABC felt the time was right to end "Once Upon a Time" and that they've enjoyed the run so far. Adam Horowitz adds that the decision to end the series wasn't shocking and they'd been preparing for this for some time. Both are grateful for the experience.

The EPs share that they've planned for either outcome with both a cliffhanger and a series finale.

Kitsis assures that the season will end having wrapped up as a complete story, while Horowitz explains that the ending of season 6 to them was a series finale, so the end of season 7 won't be about bringing everybody back but about embodying the message of hope that "Once Upon a Time" has always stood for. The EPs recently broke the news that Jared S.

Gilmore will return as young Henry Mills for an episode that Horowitz describes to EW as an emotional mother-son story. This also means fans will be seeing flashbacks to Storybrooke again. Kitsis assures that "Once Upon a Time" has an open invitation for the original cast members to return, but it's currently uncertain who will be around for the finale.

That said, Kitsis teases that fans can expect to see familar faces in the remaining epiodes.

What to expect in the remaining episodes

Jeff Pierre ("Beyond") will make his way to the series as Prince Naveen, known as the frog in "The Princess and the Frog." Fans can expect him to appear in the March 9 episode "A Taste of the Heights." He's described as having an easy-going nature that hides his tragic past and he's driven by the need to make amends. Kip Pardue ("Runaways") has been cast in the role of Zelena's fiance who, unlike the others, isn't from the fairy tale world. He's described as clever and romantic. The character will make his appearance in the milestone 150th episode of the series which is being directed by Lana Parrilla.

Regina will be receiving a new love interest who Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tease to EW will be someone fans have already seen and is someone Roni (Regina's cursed persona) has a past connection with. Fans can expect their relationship to be complicated. Horowitz shares that he's excited for the chemistry of the two and thinks the couple is a lot of fun. While this doesn't give too much away, he does tease that the relationship will be explored in the remaining episodes.

The second half of the season will focus on the Coven of the Eight led by Mother Gothel. Gothel's motives aren't quite clear, but she is after someone very specific. Kitsis shares that Gothel will be recruiting witches who don't remember being witches, and will have to work around the cursed selves.

Horowitz hints at another threat that will be arriving shortly. Expect to recognize some of the witches recruited who will be from fairy tale and Disney lore. Fans will also see more of Alice and Robin's relationship, including how they met and fell in love. Robin's cursed persona is described as a free spirit, and will have some fun mother-daughter scenes with Zelena.

ABC has released an official synopsis for the March 2 episode "Secret Garden" which will find Robin (Tiera Skovbye) exploring her powers by turning to Mother Gothel (Emma Booth), while Roni and Kelly (Mader) make a deal with Eloise in order to save Lucy. This decision will come with a price. Elsewhere in the episode, the feud between Victoria and Ivy will come to a head, but this could cost someone their life. Meanwhile, fans will get to see Regina and Zelena work together in a way that hasn't been seen before.