Evil Morty has been a fan favorite, and a greatly desired character of the TV series, "Rick and Morty," from Adult Swim. Writers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have teased fans with the re-emergence of Evil Morty in Season 3, but it wasn't until the end of the season that the viewers actually got to see what he was up to since his absence. Now that the evil one has usurped the Council of Ricks within the Citadel, what plans does he have next? In this article, we look to explore the possible plans that Evil Morty has for our main characters, Rick and Morty C-137 in the upcoming Season 4.

Who is Evil Morty?

To understand what Evil Morty has in store for the future, we need to look into the character's past. This character first appeared in Season One, in the episode, "Close Encounters of the Rick Kind". He accompanied Evil Rick, the mastermind behind the capture and torture of thousands of Mortys, while laying claim to the murder of their relevant Ricks.

Despite the scene being gruesome, it offers a deep insight into the mentality of Evil Morty. It seems that he is willing to sacrifice even his interdimensional counterparts for the sake of his ambitions.

This shows that this particular version of Morty was enough to overpower and control his own Rick. This is almost unimaginable in the relationship that we see between Rick and Morty C-137.

Though we have had evidence of Morty taking a more aggressive role in Season 3, it would still seem extremely unlikely that he would be able to control Rick remotely.

Why would evil Morty target the Citadel of Ricks?

It is simple. Attack the core of law and order in the otherwise uncontrollable pairs of Rick and Morty, and the rest of the unity among the Ricks will also crumble.

In the Season 3 episode of, "Tales From the Citadel", Evil Morty is finally revealed to have taken over the Citadel of Ricks, through a display of unity among the citizens of the citadel. By dissolving the Council of Ricks, and placing more power into the Mortys of the Citadel, he has created turmoil in this otherwise stable environment.

New questions need to be asked. Now that they have more power, will they replace the Ricks as the de-facto leaders of the society? Will the Mortys create new laws banning the Ricks from privileges like the portal gun? Or maybe, will they create a new Galactic Empire that can expand across the multiverse? All of these are legitimate reasons to attack the Citadel, but what does this mean for the future of Rick and Morty C-137?

What will Evil Morty do in Season 4?

Maybe it is time to take a little bit of the hair off the top. Evil Morty has already eliminated the Council of Ricks, the major force opposing him and his plans. So, what lies in his way from ruling the Citadel and the multiverse? Only two individuals now.

Rick and Morty C-137.

In Season 4, it seems only obvious that he will have to target his counterparts to have absolute power. They foiled him once in the past, so one might assume that he has not forgotten, and is out for revenge. But for someone so conniving and deceitful as Evil Morty is, fans can assume that it won't be directed by his hand. Evil Morty will most likely use his newfound status as leader of the Citadel to send other assassins or mercenaries after Rick and Morty C-137. It wouldn't be worth the risk for the Evil One to take on this task personally.

So all in all, expect a follow-up to "Tales of the Citadel" in Season 4 and prepare for a showdown between the two Mortys. Fans may finally be able to get their wishes granted as the proposed "One and True Morty" fights his evil counterpart.