Season eight of the T.V. show,Game of Thrones is still far away. The show's Twitter account states that the “Long Night” will be arriving somewhere in early 2019, but until then, fan theories will be circulating like the wildfire used by Tyrion against that pesky Stannis. While the last episode of season seven, “The Dragon and The Wolf” revealed Jon Stark’s true heritage, we can only assume that some major plot developments will ensue regarding his character. Before we begin, here are the necessary spoil alerts. If you have not caught up with the series, do not read further!

We now are introduced to the new Aegon Targaryen.

Jon, or Aegon, is the true heir of the Targaryen crown, and direct offspring of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, as revealed by Sam and Brann at the ending of season seven. Aegon does not know this information, however, and is engaging in some romantic relations with his cousin Daenerys, but that can be excused for now, right? There aren't any creepy Cersei/Jaime relationship vibes coming from the two, so this relationship can be applauded, and even a dream come true for the many “Jonnerys” fans out there. But, we can assume this relationship will continue to play out in season seven, with even some tension when the question comes down to who will actually rule Westeros when the army of creepy undead people are burned to a crisp.

But, let’s get back to the good stuff. Dany is down one dragon from her three, and since the Night King has claimed Viserion to himself, the show seems to be pointing to some dragon battles. Since both Drogon and Viserion have riders, it would only be fair that Rhaegal gets a human partner as well, right?

The show clearly states that the only family to be able to ride a dragon is the Targaryens, and since there really are not many more of them hanging out since Robert’s Rebellion, all the signs seem to be pointing to one individual to be the last dragon rider of the series.

Welcome to Jon (Aegon) the Dragon Rider.

How can we be sure Jon will actually ride a dragon?

There are a few reasons fans have been putting the pieces together for this theory. Most of the signs were posted in season seven.

Within the first few episodes following Jon’s arrival to Dragonstone, we see a scene where he is confronted by Drogon, with Dany on top.

All of the viewers cringed as Jon outstretched his hand to pet Drogon, assuming that he will soon be the next Jaime. However, after giving Jon a sniff and a stare down, Drogon warmed up to Jon. This has never been done by any other character in the show.

Yes, Tyrion got away with not being eaten by Viserion and Rhaegal, but Tyrion also didn’t try to touch the dragons’ noses. What we can assume, then, is that Jon has some sort of connection with these creatures, one that is not made by anyone else besides their mother, Dany.

The second reason why Jon the Dragon Rider is a plausible theory is related to his would-be dragon itself. Rhaegal was named after Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s uncle, who was one of the greatest warriors of Robert’s Rebellion.

Despite being defeated by Robert Baratheon at the Battle of the Trident, Rhaegal was able to have a child with his wife, Lyanna. Thus, we get Jon, or Aegon Targaryen.

Jon and Rhaegal should have an intimate connection, considering that the dragon was named after his father. It would seem only right that this dragon be Jon’s to ride when the dragon battles begin.

Lastly, Jon is named Aegon Targaryen, after the first Targaryen to arrive in Westeros. Aegon the Conqueror was known for charging into battle on top of his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread. Aegon was able to subdue all the kingdoms of Westeros with his dragon, and soon brought the entire continent to peace under his rule. Aegon would have not been great without the assistance of his dragon, so we can assume that Jon having this namesake isn’t just a coincidence from George R.R. Martin.