As many around the country are contemplating what they are to do for Presidents' Day, those of us in Arizona already have our sights set on one destination in particular. Lake Pleasant offers activities, events, and accommodations for those of us that are interested in outdoor, indoor, and social getaways. So, the real question is how should you enjoy this upcoming long weekend at Lake Pleasant.

What should you take advantage of at Lake Pleasant?

Lake Pleasant Regional Park is located just to the northwest of Peoria and is roughly a 45-minute drive outside of downtown Phoenix.

The park hosts a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, the most popular and prominent being boating, hiking, and camping. However, among these often sought after options for the regional park, Lake Pleasant is also hosting a few lesser known events and activities for Presidents' Day Weekend.

Boating in Lake Pleasant is by far the most common and exciting feature that the park has to offer. Boat rentals are available through Pleasant Harbor, but if visitors have their own tech they can dock along the several different ports around the park. One of the most visited coves in the park is locally dubbed as "Party Cove," and is definitely restricted to those 18 and older. Many boats here tie on to one another and host massive floating parties for others to partake and enjoy.

Just a disclaimer alert though, explicit behavior and vulgarity is common!

Outside of boating, the park offers many hiking trails and campgrounds for visitors to enjoy the comforts of land. Most of these grounds only include a couple of fire pits and the occasional grill, so be sure to pack up necessary gear. This is a perfect way to get in touch with the desert wildlife, as desert insects, flora, and fauna all tend to roam around at night!

But, how can you participate in some of the more exclusive parts of Lake Pleasant?

Nothing says Arizona like being able to exercise America's second amendment rights. Popular among most Arizonans is the ability to take one's firearm out to the desert and do a little target practice. Lake Pleasant has multiple areas to shoot without supervision, but just check the local BLM maps for directions as to where.

The park is also hosting a few different special events for the upcoming Presidents' Day long weekend. One of these is the "History from the Top, A Hike & Talk on Yavapai Point Trail," hosted on Saturday, February 17 at 9:00 AM MST. Alongside this is "Looking for Early Wildflowers, A Short Natural History hike," starting the same day at 12:00 PM MST. Lastly, there is a short historical segment talking about "What is in a Name? Why is the Town of Why called Why? And Other Fun Facts," starting at 1:00 PM MST.

All in all, instead of worrying about what's opened this Presidents' Day, head out to Lake Pleasant for some classic Arizona fun and relaxation.