Evil Morty has appeared only in two episodes, but he's kept the community of the beloved sci-fi animated comedy on their toes. Fans of "Rick and Morty" are often left wondering where he came from. Evil Morty has stood out from the infinite number of other Morties; he is brutal, conniving, and downright sinister. Unlike most other Morties, this one doesn't care about the well-being of others. He sees himself as superior to other Morties, and even believes he is better than most Ricks.

Evil Morty is now President

In his most recent appearance, he used lies and manipulation to become the ruler of the Citadel.

Not many could accomplish this feat. One theory about this character is that he is actually the original Morty of the Rick we see in the show's opening. The character we see in most of the episodes is actually a replacement. In the episode where he first appeared, we see evil rick looking through Original Rick's memories.

There is a picture of Rick holding Morty as a baby. However, in the show, Rick didn't show up until his grandson was a teenager. This implies that Evil Morty is actually the original partner of the Rick we see in the show. As Rick spends more time with his grandson, is it possible that his Morty learned too much too soon that he simply became omnipotent?

What is Evil Morty Planning?

The show is yet to reveal what his endgame is or why he captured and tortured all the other Morties in season 2. What does he hope to accomplish by becoming the leader of the Citadel? We won't know for a long time because Evil Morty shows up only once per season.

However, it is fun to speculate. The Rick we see in the show, Rick C-137, could have theoretically taught this Morty nearly everything he knew.

Evil Morty could, in fact, be Morty C-137, and, therefore, as Rick puts it, the Mortiest Morty of all. He may be resentful of Rick's abandonment, and he might be doing all of this just to get attention from Rick C-137. Is he doing all this for revenge or to prove that he is smarter or better than Rick?

Maybe Evil Morty is actually a Rick?

During his first appearance, we saw him controlling a robot Rick, so perhaps this Morty isn't actually a Morty after all. Maybe he is a Rick, who is just using this so-called Morty as a puppet. Absolutely anything is possible in the vast universe of "Rick and Morty". Where do you think Evil Morty comes from? We will just have to wait and watch what Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will come up with next.