Richard Pryor's widow has come forward, revealing some of the biggest secrets of Pryor's life -- according to TMZ reports -- including his biggest sexual secrets. The comedian died in 2005 at the age of 65 from complications of multiple sclerosis.

Quincy Jones outs Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando as lovers

Now, all these years later, Richard's widow Jennifer has come forward, revealing that Richard did have a romantic physical encounter with Hollywood legend Marlon Brando. Jennifer also stated that Pryor had a lot of sex with a lot of different partners, both male and female, during the 70s.

She confirmed the Pryor-Brando hook-up which was first revealed by Quincy Jones.

Richard's widow blames the 70s and drugs for husband's wild sex life

She described her late husband's wild sexual encounters during the era as "nothing to be ashamed of." Jones revealed during an interview with Vulture that Brando was very wild and sexual, adding that he would "f*** anything." When asked by TMZ if she believed Richard Pryor would object to her sharing the intimate details of his life, she claimed that Richard would have had no shame whatsoever.

She added that Pryor was always very honest about his bisexuality with all of his friends. He even kept a very accurate journal detailing his encounters. Pryor's widow even revealed that she has plans to publish Richard's diaries later this year.

When she talks of his hook-up with Marlon Brando she remembers it fondly, claiming, after all, that "it was the 70s. It happened during a time when drugs were still good, especially quaaludes." She laughed, stating that if you did enough cocaine during that time you would do pretty much anyone and anything.

While drug use in the 70s began taking a strong turn, Richard Pryor's issues with drug use took a dangerous turn for him.

In 1980, after Richard Pryor had reportedly spent several days freebasing cocaine, the comedian poured a bottle of 151 rum over his head and set himself on fire. In a panicked and inebriated state, he ran down the street of his Los Angeles home until he was finally subdued by police. Pryor was taken to a nearby Los Angeles hospital where he was treated for severe second and third-degree burns which covered more than half of his body.

When asked how she thought Richard Pryor would feel about Quincy sharing the intimate details of his and Marlon's encounter, Jennifer claimed that she believes he would be laughing all the way and that he would have absolutely no problem with it. Richard Pryor is best remembered for his raunchy but hilarious stand-up comedy shows. Throughout his life, he was married seven times to five different women, and he fathered seven children.

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