After yet another controversial week for Donald Trump, critics have piled on heading into the weekend. As expected, comedian Bill Maher pull no punches when dealing with the president.

Maher on Trump

Over the last week, various news items have taken their turn to dominate the news cycle, with each one more damaging or embarrassing for Donald Trump. Whether it was Trump's order for the Pentagon to throw him his own military parade, the resignation of White House adviser Rob Porter due to a history of domestic violence allegations, another government shutdown, or the latest revelations in the Russian investigation, the president is not having the best week, all while the stock market continues to fall at record levels.

As Friday came to a close, Bill Maher made sure to take a few shots at Donald Trump's bad week during the opening monologue of the February 9 edition of "real time with Bill Maher" on HBO. "You’ve got to love this White House. Every day it's like The West Wing meets Clueless," Maher said.

Not stopping there, Bill Maher poked fun at the president over his planned military parade.

"Trump wants a big military’s gonna be spectacular," Maher said with sarcasm "Tanks, missiles, fighter jets. All presided over by a loose cannon," he added.

Schiff speaks

After several more comedic shots, Bill Maher welcomed Rep. Adam Schiff to the show, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee to discuss the Russian investigation.

"What I find it so astounding about the last year is how much this deeply flawed president could remake an entire political party in his own image," Schiff said of Trump and the impact he's had on the Republican Party.

Both Maher and Schiff both doubled down with their attack on Donald Trump, focusing on his denial of being in cahoots with Russia, the controversial Nunes memo, and his refusal to release the Democratic memo that many believe would debunk what came from the Republicans.

"We need to get back to the mission of our committee, and that is investigating what Russia did, what the Trump campaign did, and what they may have done in combination," Schiff said.

Later in the show, Maher admitted he was still stunned by how deep the Trump administration seemed to be with the Kremlin. "If somebody told me two years ago that we would be doing jokes, often where the punchline is 'America is really owned by Russia,' I would've said you're crazy," he said.