House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood on the floor of the House of Representatives for eight hours on Tuesday in a push to extend DACA. In response, Kellyanne Conway wasn't too impressed, but faced backlash on social media over her remarks.

Conway on Pelosi

With a deal not yet signed to keep the government funded long-term, Nancy Pelosi made her case during a marathon speech over DACA.

As expected, the reaction to Pelosi's speech was partisan, as many Democrats praised her for standing with DREAMers, while Republicans brushed off her actions as nothing more than pandering to her base. With the Senate having reached the framework of a two-year budget deal, it's now up to the House of Representatives to do the same, though there appears to be a major hangup over the issues of DACA and border security

This issue was addressed during the February 8 edition of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News during an interview with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway.

"I"m not sure what she got out of it except a lot of criticism from Democratic members today and DREAMers," Conway said. "I read a bunch of quotes today that they are not sure what she got for that and that they were very disappointed," she added.

"By the way, serious leaders negotiate behind closed doors," Kellyanne Conway went on to say, explaining, "they don't need to grandstand and showboat for all the world to see." "It's the president that has been very clear about the four principals he expects from meaningful immigration," Conway noted.'

Twitter revolts

Following Kellyanne Conway reasoning for why Donald Trump is a serious leader, critics of the president fired back.

"Moron serious leader negotiate openly Cheap Car Salesman do it behind close doors," a tweet read.

"Glad somebody is defending DACA.

Kellyanne and the Administration have a cruel and tone deaf approach to DACA. Or are they just undeclared racists? Most Americans are not," another Twitter user wrote. "I guess Kelly Propaganda does not realize she could be talking about her boss," an additional tweet noted.

"Serious leaders don’t need a military parade to compensate for other shortcomings," yet another tweet stated.

"Serious leaders don't have to hide their negotiations," a social media user went on to post. The backlash continued as the opposition to Donald Trump and the entire administration showed no signs of coming to an end at any point in the near future.