What grants ''Game of Thrones'' a high-profile status and perhaps the most successful TV show in history is the constant flow of innovation that has been bombarding the viewers' eyeballs since the very start of the series.

A complex narration as the one unfolding to us in the mystical land of Westeros and its surroundings wouldn't have had encountered a great deal of success without having had a unique villain-type character. In a universe where betrayal and malicious intentions were a daily custom, the Night King's aura came to fend off the competition at a staggering pace.

Gradually increasing its presence, the enigmatic character is leading the Army of the dead threatening to obliterate any form of human life across Westeros.

The Night King and the unconventional weapon

Deemed as being one of the most epic scenes of the entire series, the Night King using a reanimated dragon to spit out blazes of ice onto the Wall causing an unprecedented breach was an unexpected way to turn things around. Having Vyserion at his service may be the Night King's most secret weapon, a tool that no one in Westeros is aware of.

For those eager to see how an epicness-soaked-in-like scene should appear it's enough to simply rewatch the clip below.

A huge asset to the Night King's army, an undead Viserion is a fierce force and it stands for the element of surprise too.

But, the ability to create deadly blazes of ice might not be enough to subjugate the livings. Let's not forget that Daenerys has two other dragons at her disposal.

The moment Viserion was shoot out of skies by the NIght King's icy spear it seemed only reasonable to assume that it'll join the ranks of the Amry of the dead. Therefore, another epic yet highly-debated scene emerged with Viserion being dragged out of the water to receive that icy existence from its commander.

You can rewatch the scene of Viserion being reanimated by the Night King below.

Each side fighting in this unconventional war has the force of at least one dragon at their disposal which further increases the possibility of having a fight between dragons. While that thought will keep brewing in the back of the mind, the possibility of total destruction looms over the entire Westeros.

An unstable political climate would make the Night King's plans easier to fulfill

It's fair to say that the whole Westeros is into pieces. Although an alliance has been forged, it seems that individual agendas will make it irrelevant. Cersei Lannister bought herself some time and despite her apparent willingness to fight against a common enemy, her goal is to keep the Iron Throne for herself, no matter at what cost.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow may have stepped into a new phase of their relationship but the prospects don't look that good. They are yet to learn the truth about Jon Snow being a Targaryen and this fact alone could be a cause for an implosion.

There are a lot of questions an answer is yet to be found to and any sort of clarification won't be possible until 2019 when the final season is set to hit the airwaves.