scheana marie insists that she and Robert Parks-Valletta will soon be back together and planning to get married, but what do her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars think about their future? During a new interview, a couple of Scheana's co-stars and friends, including Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright, are opening up about her future reunion with the actor.

"I think Rob and Scheana could get back together," Ariana Madix stated during an interview with The Daily Dish on February 19 and Brittany Cartwright added that, "They're saying they'll get back together in the future."

Should Scheana Marie wait around for her former boyfriend?

Although Madix said it was possible that Scheana Marie and her ex-boyfriend would ultimately reunite, she gave a bit of an odd smirk when asked about their future and questioned their motives.

"It's no way to live knowing that like, oh, I'm just going to wait for this person until our schedules make sense, or, I'm going to wait for the right time," she said. Madix also said that Scheana should live it up during her time in Las Vegas. "F**k Rob!" she added.

Cartwright also encouraged her co-star and friend to live it up in Sin City and even posed the idea of Scheana meeting a new man in Las Vegas. She then said that if Scheana remains single and later returns to Los Angeles, she and Robert Parks-Valletta could end up dating yet again. "They are really good friends still," she noted. "I get it, you love each other, but don't wait around for that guy. He's a great guy," Ariana Madix concluded.

Scheana Marie debuted her romance with Rob in season 6

After showcasing the end of her marriage during "Vanderpump Rules" season five, Scheana quickly moved on from Mike Shay, with her now-ex-boyfriend, and introduced him to her co-stars during the first several episodes of season six. She even used their amazing relationship to target and poke fun at her past relationship with Shay, which many of her fans and followers took offense to.

Because Scheana Marie moved on so quickly from her marriage, she has faced tons of backlash, on both Twitter and Instagram, from viewers who have found her behavior to be tacky and immature. Still, she has continued, online, to defend her relationship for months. That said, she and Robert Parks-Valletta haven't been an item since August of last year.

"Vanderpump Rules" season six airs this and every Monday night at 9 PM on Bravo TV.