The news from Lady Gaga over the weekend that her last ten dates for her Joanne World Tour would be canceled was crushing for fans, and even more, wrenching for the multitalented artist. The spirit and tenacity of Lady Gaga has remained unquenchable since her early teens, long before she was even officially a lady, working her way up in New York clubs, and making it impossible to ignore anything about her unique style.

Bullying and sexual assault were part of Lady Gaga's teen years, too. Those issues were submerged through her climb, but now have become part of her rallying cry, as the motherly performer, who is authentically anything but a monster, reaches young, old, and across every gender and culture, to anyone feeling unseen, unheard, or silenced.

The announcement was even more poignant in light of the timing, it was only last year that Lady Gaga performed a loving montage at the Super Bowl that called for uniting the whole country, celebrating diversity as a virtue, and uplifting the joy of being “Born This Way.” From her Woody Guthrie homage at the opening to her joyful embrace after the show, this was Lady Gaga giving love to the USA and the world.

Fans are already reaching out with love and support to their “shero” on the stage, and Lady Gaga has promised a return. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter has bravely opened the door to allow the world to see her battle with her own body in coping with fibromyalgia through her documentary.

As in her music, the exposure displays pure heart and palpable grit. This foe is different from any in human form, however, because it lays siege to the body and sensations can start in seconds.

She may not realize it fully in the moment, but Lady Gaga is teaching everyone a lesson in strength and love by putting her body's needs first and not being defeated by her condition.

With a whole new mission apart from her music, she is tutoring in compassion.

Best for now

Lady Gaga's words were straight from the heart to her fans, calling herself “devastated” and echoing her love for “this show” and her millions of fans in London, Manchester, Zürich, Koln, Stockholm, Berlin, and Paris, as well as others planning to see her at the Rock in Rio Festival.

“All I know is if I don't do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music,” the star elaborated. She pledged “I will be back in your city,” but those returns will be later. “For now, I need to put myself and my well-being first,” asserted Stefani Germanotta, ending with: “I love you forever.”

Live Nation exhibited as much understanding as any major live concert outlet can in its statement. Describing that her severe pain levels had “materially impacted” the singer-songwriter's ability to perform, the announcement reiterated the “strong support” from her medical team in deciding to break from the road. The announcement further asserted that the adherence to guidance from “medical professionals” hopefully “can make it possible for her to perform for years to come."

Faith and fortitude

Lady Gaga gave a moving performance of “Million Reasons” at the January 28 60th Grammy awards, decked in glorious white feathers, but no amount of festive loss can conceal the very real pain of fibromyalgia.

The condition is estimated to affect 10 million Americans, and 3 to 6% of people worldwide.

Fibromyalgia falls under the category of musculoskeletal pain, and by definition, must occur on both sides of the body and above and below the waist without any localized cause, such as slamming a hand in a car door, a concussion, or accident. Fatigue is another aspect of fibromyalgia. Body pain may interrupt sleep, and issues of sleep apnea, restless legs, and other problems are common. Even during waking hours, fibromyalgia patients can feel disoriented and have difficulty concentrating, sometimes called a “fibromyalgia fog.”

Because of its transient “flares” in the body, fibromyalgia can be difficult to study, and there has not been much definitive research.

What is known is that the condition is triggered by the brain's response to pain. The brain overreacts to signals from neurotransmitters. Having a relative with the condition may increase chances of having fibromyalgia. Frequent, repetitive injuries may also be indicators, along with any history of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or obesity. Many people can't comprehend how a fibromyalgia sufferer can seem fine, and hours later, be in the throes of pain, but that is the nature of the condition. Every patient copes with fibromyalgia with a regimen that works for her/him, and sometimes, it seems nothing works. Therapy stretches, exercise and physical activity are recommended to ease fibromyalgia symptoms.

Recent medications, such as Lyrica, are sometimes prescribed, but results are mixed.

Lady Gaga has an indelible connection to lupus. Her namesake aunt, Joanne, passed from complications of the disease at only 19. Aunt Joanne left a beautiful legacy to her niece, who has ensured that her father's sister will have a forever imprint on hearts, making her extended family part of many music collections. Faith resonated from the tracks on "Joanne," and this is the time for the artist to sense the nurturing of "Come to Mama."

The road can be rough for any performer, with no consistency to the days or nights of a performer. Lady Gaga is showing herself to be more of a warrior than ever in this physical battle, and she is sure to feel like herself and feel at home for her Las Vegas residency, when her fans will come to her at MGM's Park Theater, later this year.