Super Bowl Lii will live forever in Philadelphia, which truly became the city of brotherly love following the hard-fought 41-33 first-ever Super Bowl victory for the Eagles. The outcome of the biggest battle in sports came under the inspiration and throwing arm of Texas kid, Nick Foles. The young father tenderly caressed infant daughter, Lily, and let her steal the camera during the trophy presentation when she made a grab for the microphone and the falling confetti.

“We Are the Champions” no doubt echoed from every corner of the city of freedom.

Fans have waited through the history of the franchise for their turn to sing the chorus, and should not be denied.

The game itself earned its place in the annals of best-ever Super Bowls. There were no giveaways in this one, and Patriots QB Tom Brady has already made his intentions clear to be back next season. For music fans, the festivities had worthy moments that didn't all happen during halftime.

1. Carrie’s comeback

Carrie Underwood had her last radio single with Keith Urban, collaborating on “The Fighter.” The petite singer, songwriter, and mom proved herself deserving of that title last fall, after a bad fall at her home. Initially, only a broken wrist came as the report from Carrie Underwood and her camp, but in November, the Grammy-winning Oklahoma girl posted pictures of her face concealed by a winter scarf and gushed that she was “doing great” after surgery.

The video for the song, “The Champion” will be used as a theme for this year’s Winter Olympics, and of course, in heavy rotation on NBC. Super Bowl LII was the perfect platform for the video of the uplifting anthem, co-written by Underwood, Ludacris, Brett James, and Chris DeStefano. The song already has the shriek of air raid sirens sandwiched between the roaring guitars, and seeing Carrie Underwood back in her shimmering style, even on film, has social media buzzing with anticipation that next year will be her turn at the Super Bowl stage.

2. Pink pulls it off

Everyone with ears knows that Pink can reach pinnacles of vocal and visual performance that few ever attain. She is fresh off the very emotional turn with “Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken” from the Grammys, and she had the job of singing one of the most difficult songs ever written, the national anthem, prior to the proceedings of Super Bowl LII.

The nerves were obvious as Pink gazed into the sky before the start of the musical accompaniment. What fans didn't know until after the performance was that the singer was dueling with the flu. She tossed a throat lozenge to the ground just before striking her “Oh,” and still managed to be stunning, with only one slight break in her voice toward the close. Pink made everyone feel the red, white and blue on Sunday, and now, she's earned her bed rest.

3. Clothing overload

Justin Timberlake has been besieged by questions of revisiting the infamous Janet Jackson “clothing malfunction” witnessed by the world in 2004’s Super Bowl XXXVIII. Ever gracious in deflecting the inquiries with class, Timberlake assured that his 2018 performance would not include any such incidents.

What many fans did not expect was layer upon layer of clothing. Fans had to be wondering if this was a Super Bowl LII show or Christmas in Rockefeller Center coming way too early! Even the dancers at one point were covered in jolly red jumpsuits, and the clothes seemed to just keep peeling off amid Timberlake's on-point moves. When a full suit and tie is the singer’s last clothing layer revealed, maybe there are too many layers for an indoor stadium.

4. Unexpected guest

Justin Timberlake had also hinted that a “special guest” just “might” be included in his performance. As he came to a white grand piano after dancing on virtually every level of US Bank Stadium, working to a heartfelt rendition of “I Would Die 4 U.” A huge screen revealed a towering image of Prince, His Purple Highness giving the royal treatment to the song.

The effort and intent was sincere, as Justin Timberlake has mentioned the “inspiration” he derives from Prince numerous times. Considering that some of the most memorable performances by Timberlake have been with other collaborators live from the stage, as in the unforgettable Grammy moment with Chris Stapleton, it was a little disappointing not to have any in-person partner.

5. Not so child-friendly

Just days before his Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake turned 37. His wife, Jessica Biel, wasn’t one bit shy about sharing her feelings for the love of her life, and especially, for his place as a dad. She gushed that there weren't enough words to express “ALL” (yes, in all capital letters) aspects of her love and respect.

She praised his skills with “kiddie teeth brushing” and having the perfect “intimidating dad voice” in disciplining, before closing with “SUPER HOT DAD,” again in all caps. Some circles felt that Timberlake’s dad side might be more on display at the Super Bowl, but the only “kid-friendly nod came with “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from “Trolls.”

Some trolls are not too positive about Justin Timberlake’s performance in Super Bowl LII, but performance critiques are always a mix of opinion and affection, and this year’s offering still had its moments to love.